White Insecurities Cause Rift Among Dark Skin And Light Skin

White Insecurities Cause Rift Among Dark Skin And Light Skin

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White Insecurities Cause Rift Among Dark Skin And Light Skin

Look at the image and read the caption below by Duncan Elliot Kirkwood.  Duncan’s inability to see white insecurities caused him to hate on his light skin brother.

White insecurities

The stars of the playoffs right now are Westbrook, Durant, and LeBron…. I wonder why TNT and ESPN arent falling in love with featuring their wives like they did Steph’s wife. ….maybe they have too much Melanin.
—Duncan Elliot Kirkwood—

I noticed that this silly post is going viral. When did it become cool to dismiss light skin black folks?

The comment by Duncan is total crap. Don’t be misled, my people. This is silly and I will give you 5 reasons that will explain why.

1. Curry’s been in the league since 2009 and became a household name only last year. Curry has been taking a backseat to not only Durant, Lebron, and Westbrook, but to a dozen of other players. Stephen Curry is the biggest star in the NBA right now because the NBA team he plays for are the reigning champs, and because his team the Golden State Warriors broke the Michael Jordan-led Chicago Bulls record for most wins in a regular season by going 73-9 this year.

2. Curry just won his second consecutive NBA most valuable player of the year award.

3. Stephen Curry’s wife Ayesha Curry is a social media phenom.

4. Ayesha Curry runs her own blog called “little light of mine” and has a cooking show called “Cooking with the Curry’s.”

5. Stephen Curry and Aysha Curry are both black.

The problem I have with Duncan’s post is that he makes us lose credibility when he purposely produces a post with complete bullshit and passes it off as the truth. Now the effect of that is, when there is a real case to call out the NBA for colorism, we won’t be taken seriously because of this load of crap he unloaded here.   I’m saying it’s not the case in the NBA. Lebron James has been the face of basketball for years. Kobe, Shaq, Magic Johnson, Jordan, all those guys are dark skin. I’m I supposed to pretend like they haven’t gotten more coverage than Stephen Curry?  Any sports true sports fan will tell you that the best player on a championship gets the most coverage.  It’s not different here with Curry and all the rest of the Warrior players.

I’m a basketball fan, a fanatic… I know what I’m talking about. if what Duncan was saying was the case I would be the first one to co-sign it, but it’s not. So I’m not gone do it. It would be totally irresponsible and fake of me.

Stop falling for the crap. Duncan knows what he needs to post to get likes and our people all fired up. But at the end of the day, how is this piece of information about the NBA not falling in love with Lebron, Durant and Westbrook and their wives due to having too much melanin going to help you today???? 80% of you don’t even watch basketball to even know if what Duncan is saying is true. Seriously let’s get our priorities in order and start recognizing that Light skin folks are black folks too.

Normally I would just see a silly post like this on Facebook and ignore it, but this whole “light skin, dark skin” crap has been getting out of hand these last couple of weeks.

White people’s insecurities don’t give dark skin people a free pass to dismiss light skin people. I would like to point you to an article Michael Eric Dyson, Georgetown University Sociology professor, and author of 18 books, wrote that deals with this exact subject matter.  The article is called,

Light-skinned vs. dark-skinned – Stephen Curry’s prominence resurfaces issues of colorism among blacks  Click the link to read it. 


“I am because we are, since we are, therefore, I am”.

– African Proverb

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