Tribe Called Quest – Rap Legend Phife Dawg Dead – 45

Tribe Called Quest – Rap Legend Phife Dawg Dead – 45

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Tribe Called Quest – Rap Legend Phife Dawg Dead 45 years Old.  I read the sad news last night of the death of one of my favorite rappers and most definitely a rap legend, Malik Isaac Taylor aka Phife Dawg, a member of legendary rap group A Tribe Called Quest on John Polk’s Facebook page as it was streaming down my timeline.  Phife Dawg was born on November 20, 1970, dying yesterday March 22, 2015, succumbing to diabetes.  His family released a statement that read:

Malik was our loving husband, father, brother and friend.  We love him dearly How he impacted all our lives will never be forgotten.  His love for music and sports was only surpassed by his love of God and family.

Tribe Called Quest
Phife Dawg

As a rap fan and rap historian, I just want to take the time to send my condolences to the Taylor family and thank Phife Dawg for flooding the radio airwaves with awesome lyrics, smooth delivery, substance, originality and great songs.   Rest In Peace brother.


Below is a couple my favorite Phife Dawg lyrics and songs.   Enjoy.


Phife Dawg – Verse 1 on a song performed with Tribe Called Quest called Once Again.

This is the year that I come in and just devastate
My style is great to ask your peoples can I dominate?
My rhymes are harder than last night’s erection
Don’t play me close, I’ll have this mic up in your midsection
My shit is lovely simply meaning that my joint is tight
Amping up the mic making sure production’s tight
Sometimes I might catch a severe case of writer’s block
But by the end of the day, you’ll be on my jock
My name’s Malik my hobby’s putting MC’s to the test
And if you front I’ll put my foot up in your freaking chest
Freestyle fanatic, and never will it ever stop
You crew is loose, you might just want to call the cops

Phife Dawg – Verse 4 on a song performed with Tribe Called Quest called Once Again.



I fought my shit up on Linden in the one-nine-two
Forever writing never biting ain’t shit else to do
Hoping to battle, but most MC’s ain’t ready yet
But if they utter one word then it’s as good as set
You have MC’s dropping bombs that’s incredible
Some of the brothers, their styles are just despicable
As for me see I just do how I love to do
Try to deny me of my props then I’ll be seeing you
Most of you suckers wanna be down for the tag along
The freaking fame, someone tell em that this shit ain’t games
You gots to do this from your heart meaning your inner soul
And if it’s real only then will you be on a roll
I try to stay on top my game there ain’t no time to lose
Four albums deep as a Quester but still we payin’ dues
So hear me out one time, you gots to be yourself
Cause if you ain’t yourself you end up by your freaking self
I’m coming rugged with the Linden Boule type of slang
And yo, we’ll see who can hang yo


Verse 2 Phife Dawg from a song called “lyrics to go.”

I know it’s been two years but see the Tribe was never fallin
Would have tried for singin but that stuff was not my callin
The mic is in effect so you know I’m never stallin
Walkin through the door and all them suckers started haulin
Talk a lot of trash but no one can seem to beat it
Pull out your microphone and watch the Phifer make you eat it
The MC’s they get jealy when the girly’s on my belly
Kick a slow dance like my brother R. Kelly (bust a rhyme)
Today’s a hip-hop draft will I be top-seeded? (uhh)
Worked too frickin hard while all the rest were gettin weeded
Steady kickin styles so I can reach that other level (uh)
Don’t worry about gettin gassed I push the pedal to the metal
Always wanted this cause it surely beats a scramble (right)
I’m Jordan with the mic, huh, wanna gamble? (mmm)
This I dedicate to all the honiest that be bogle-in
Cause at the end of the night y’know Malik will have hisTrojans
But when it comes to nights like this I got lyrics to go

Tribe Called Quest
Tribe Called Quest


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