Teespring Apologizes For Sales Ad That Degraded Black Women

Teespring Apologizes For Sales Ad That Degraded Black Women

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Teespring Apologizes For Sales Ad That Degraded Black Women

A sales ad T-shirt campaign that degraded black women was being distributed on Twitter and Facebook on Sunday, May 7, 2017.  The message on the T-shirt read… “Black women are trash.” The link redirected you to the apparel website, Teespring, for purchasing.  I’m choosing not to add an image of the T-shirt because I don’t want lurkers to save the image to use it as ammunition for a reply post against black women on social media. Needless to say that the  T-shirt is insulting and degrading.  Apparently, the shirt is supposed to be a parody of an original “men are trash” t-shirts.  All sales ad campaigns that degrade people should not see the light of day, let alone have someone profit from the degradation.

Black web user on Facebook and Twitter as expected was appalled at the blatant disrespect and took action, by reporting the post to Twitter and Facebook administrators respectfully. I took it a step further and sent a complaint to Teespring the apparel website that this “Black Women are Trash” t-shirt was being sold.  Teespring’s customer service department sent me the following statement on Monday, May 8, 2017,  in response to my complaint:


Hi David. We are very sorry about this. At present, we are seeing lots of racial slur campaigns and are suspending them as fast as we can. Teespring does NOT condone these types of messages and are taking immediate action!

We have a system in place that approves/denies campaigns once they are made. We are now looking into why these were not filtered out. We are working diligently to get the matter resolved right away and appreciate your patience while we work to improve our polices.

Teespring removed the sales ad campaign from their website, and Twitter and Facebook removed all the post as well.  The way Teespring handled this potential crisis is commendable. It’s a great example of how to deal with a consumer complaint.  Tee Spring received the complaints, empathized, apologized, and resolved the complaint, and on top of that, they are making excuses. They held themselves accountable for allowing this despicable ad campaign to slip through their system and are now working to assure that a debacle like this does not happen again.



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