Serena Williams – Sports Illustrated Cover

Serena Williams – Sports Illustrated Cover

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Serena Williams – Sports Illustrated Cover.  Serena is recognized this year as the “Sports Person Of The Year” for 2015 in Sports Illustrated.  I’m very happy for her, however the photo Sports Illustrated selected to represent the tennis superstar is totally inappropriate in my opinion.  Don’t get me wrong.  Serena is super sexy in this photo, however with that said she looks more prepared to walk a runway than hit the tennis court.

What do you think?  Share your thoughts.


Serena Williams
Sports Illustrated Cover featuring Serena Williams










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  • Carrie Lynn Steptoe

    I don’t think it’s inappropriate.I think it shows how strong,confident,and beautiful she is.Would anyone have a problem with it if she were a black man?

    • David Fenelus

      That she is. I more have a problem with Sports Illustrated. I took a look the past winners of this honor. All 62 of them. Not one is even remotely close to this vulgarity. I just feel uneasy about it. I love Serena, but I wish they had went another route with the cover photo. Back in 76 Sports Illustrated made Chris Evert the first ever Woman Winner. They have her looking like Princes Diana. And she was sex symbol in her day as well.

  • Ms Prosperity

    I love that she made the cover of the magazine but their are many things I don’t like about the photo.

    1. She looks like a video vixen
    2. They photo-shopped the hell out of her body decreasing her natural curves
    3. Everything about this photo reads sexual to me.

    But thats just my opinion.

    • David Fenelus

      Agree with everything you wrote. It’s like getting excited for a gift in wrapped in a box, openly to open it and be totally disappointed. This is how I feel about this cover. I’m super happy for Serena, but totally disappointed in the direction they went with for this cover. She was given this honor for her accomplishments playing tennis. Nothing in this photo represents that.

  • Mairo Brown

    I have gotten used to sports illustrated provocative cover photos through out the years this doest bother me. Serena was also a willing participant, if she did not like the cover lay out idea she could have made adjustments.