Sa-Roc – Exclusive Interview For

Sa-Roc – Exclusive Interview For

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Take a bowl, pour in a mix of rap legends MC Lyte and Lauren Hill, stir it up real good, stick it in the oven and the outcome will be the best female rapper in the rap industry, Sa-Roc.

Sa-Roc rocking the Crowd at L’Escape Restaurant Lounge

I discovered Sa-Roc’s music in the Fall of 2013.  It was on Facebook.  I logged into my account and did what I always do. Read post shared by Facebook friends streaming down my timeline that dealt with issues concerning the black community diaspora.  Someone shared a rap video.  I am a HUGE fan of rap music, so I clicked the link and was blown away by Sa-Roc’s delivery, content in her rap and the production.  The name of the song is called “Valley of the Queen.”  I immediately hit the share button and posted a caption that read like this:

Best female rapper in the rap industry.

I tagged a few hip hop heads on the post and they all replied with positive feedback.  I’ve been checking for her music ever since.  So to tell you that meeting my favorite female rapper in Hip Hop was a big moment for me would be a huge understatement.  Just take a moment right now and imagine being face to face with your favorite actor, musician, or athlete… Do it… take a moment… .

Yeah… yeah… that’s exactly how I was feeling.   HAHA!  I had to maintain my composure the entire time.   I was in Sa-Roc’s presence representing as the founder and president. I understood that the hard work put in to establish Nuwla led to the present opportunity in getting an exclusive interview with the distinguished MC.  So I didn’t go blow it by acting like a male groupie… NO way.

Sa-Roc is not a mainstream artist.  She will not conform to the status quo to generate sales.  She fits the characteristics of  “The Artist” that the black conscious community  is yearning for.  An Artists that is not a puppet on a string being controlled by “big shot” Record executives.  Sa-Roc is an artist with knowledge of self and uses her music platform to touch on subjects that plague the black community. entertainment journalist Vanessa Alexandra Saint-Jean Berrouët sits down with Sa-Roc, the supreme lyricist, for an exclusive interview in Montreal, Quebec.  We hope that this interview offers you, the reader, valuable insight into Sa-Roc’s personality and abilities, and it allows you the chance to recognize that she is a conscious rapper that needs to be supported by the black conscious community.  Support doesn’t mean listening to her music for free and screaming “Sa-Roc is the greatest!” if you’re a fan of conscious music. Support means buying Sa-Roc songs, Sa-Roc albums, Sa-Roc merchandise and attending Sa-Roc live rap concerts when she performs in your town.  Black business owners in the conscious community like myself, need to use our platforms as marketing tools to promote Sa-Roc songs, Sa-Roc albums, Sa-Roc Merchandise, and Sa-Roc live rap concerts. This support offers Sa-Roc the latitude in creating music that matters to us.

Watch the Full Exclusive Interview below…

The Sa-Roc interview was recorded on March 26, 2016, at the Novotel Montreal Airport hotel lounge.  A few hours before the talented rap artists was set to hit the stage as the main act in a music performance held at the L’escape Restaurant Lounge. Sa-Roc headlined the rap concert which also featured performances from special guest local artists: M-city SOLO, West Can, Dice B Cherenfant, dArk mAAt’r.


Staff Writer: David P
Feature Photo Taken by Yanissa courtesy of Room Full of Mirrors



Best Female Rapper in the Rap Industry Sa-Roc with Founder and President Of David P

PS:  I can’t let you leave without telling you what my favorite Sa-Roc song is right?.  Here it is below.  Enjoy.

You can purchase Sa-Roc music and merchandise by visiting her website at


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    Sa-Roc is the best female rapper in the rap industry.