Rude Restaurant Owner Yells At Customer

Rude Restaurant Owner Yells At Customer

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Rude Restaurant Owner Yells At Customer

Tiffany Sharhon was hungry and decided to order delivery from a restaurant called Soul on the River located in Neptune, New Jersey.  She ordered the fish plate and was not satisfied with the food that she received.  She heads to the restaurant and tells the owner that her fish is uncooked and would like to be reimbursed.  The owner loses her composure, yells at Tiffany to get out of her establishment and for good measure, the rude restaurant owner, grabs the styrofoam single compartment hinged take out container plate of food, that is resting on the order counter,  flips it forward and the food flies out of the container landing all over Tiffany’s boyfriend clothing . You can see him removing the food from his clothing in the video.  Tiffany, who is recording the incident, is escorted outside by a restaurant employee and this is what she had to say about her bad shopping experience on camera….

rude restaurant owner
Tiffany Sharhon

She sold me uncooked fish and then yells at me and doesn’t give me my money back. Don’t shop here at all… please. She’s rude as hell and she threw food at me for no reason. Don’t come here. Tiffany Sharhon.

You can watch the video below and join the discussion by leaving a comment. List all of the things that you think the rude restaurant owner did wrong, and tell us what, you would have done differently if you were the owner in this exact same situation? How would you have dealt with an unsatisfied customer returning a $12 dollar plate of food at your restaurant?

Rude restaurant owner yells at customer
Tiffany Sharhon

I caught up with Tiffany Sharhon and asked for an exclusive interview.  She agreed to tell us in her own words her version of events.   I also reached out to rude restaurant owner Mona Morgan(the woman yelling at Tiffany in the video) for an interview, in the hopes to help her get through this business management crisis, but she declined and said: ‘No my attorney is now handling this matter!

David P Fenelus: Was this your first time ordering food at Soul on the River?
Tiffany Sharhon: Yes
David P Fenelus: Did you call in for order delivery, or was it a pickup?
Tiffany Sharhon: Delivery
David P Fenelus: What did you order the day of this horrible ordeal and how much was your plate?
Tiffany Sharhon: I ordered a whiting fish dinner plate for $11.95, I requested that it be grilled because my stomach can’t tolerate fried foods. The online menu says all fish can be grilled at customers request.
David P Fenelus: What did you not like about your order?
Tiffany Sharhon: The Fish wasn’t grilled, it was undercooked and slimy, the collard greens were unseasoned, yams were clearly canned and badly mixed with water and cinnamon.
David P Fenelus: When you realized that the plate you ordered was unsatisfactory, did you call the restaurant to let the manager know your grievance or did you just go right to the restaurant?
Tiffany Sharhon: Yes, I called and told her it was undercooked, she said it’s not her responsibility for my food not being cooked properly because I ordered grilled whiting and whiting can’t be grilled. I told her I can show her how undercooked it is and that I shouldn’t have to recook food I ordered.
David P Fenelus: When you arrived at the restaurant with your plate, who did you speak with to resolve your complaint?
Tiffany Sharhon: Mona, the owner.
David P Fenelus: Did you want a new plate or did you ask for a refund?
Tiffany Sharhon: Refund
David P Fenelus: How would you describe your demeanor when addressing your grievance? Were you calm, or angry?
Tiffany Sharhon: I felt disrespected and wanted to make the refund process as quick as possible. Mona appeared sweaty, her eyes were wide and she immediately refused to give me my money, as soon as I told her I was the woman who called about the undercooked whiting.
David P Fenelus: The video you shared lasted for 48 seconds. How long were you in the restaurant before all hell broke loose?
Tiffany Sharhon: Probably about 1 minute…everything happened so fast. She was saying so many vile statements, she told me if I called the cops they wouldn’t do anything, that’s when I pulled my phone out to record. The police are why I got my money back.
David P Fenelus: I can see in the video that you were visibly shaken by this horrible experience, is there anything that you would like to say to Mona Morgan and is there anything that she can do to win you back as a customer? For example a public apology and a 50% discount on your next 30 orders.
Tiffany Sharhon: I was definitely shaken up, my body was recovering from a recent hospital visit and I have really bad anxiety so keeping myself extremely calm was something I had to do because anything else would have been detrimental to my health. I was shaking for 2 days after this incident.  I don’t want to ever see her or associate with her at all, I just hope she humbles herself and learns from this.
David P Fenelus:  What have you learned from this experience and if you could go back and do it all over again, what would you have done differently?
Tiffany Sharhon: To always cook my own food, because I could have. I would have never ordered from Soul on the River if I had read all those bad reviews on her business page.

How not to Deal With a Customer Complaint

Soul on the River Case Study video

We’re not going to let a perfectly good video go to waste. It’s a pretty useful case study video to show how not to deal with a customer complaint. This incident involving the rude restaurant owner and Tiffany Sharhon is a perfect teaching and learning opportunity for business owners and entrepreneurs, executives, managers, supervisors, and employees.  The following is a list of 10 things that rude restaurant owner Mona Morgan did wrong in handling this customer complaint.

  • The restaurant owner lost her cool.
  • The restaurant owner was rude.
  • The restaurant owner showed no desire to resolve the customer complaint.
  • The restaurant owner used foul language.
  • The restaurant owner was unprofessional.
  • The restaurant owner threw food at the customer.
  • The restaurant owner yelled at the customer.
  • The restaurant owner threw the customer out.
  • The restaurant owner escalated a tense situation.
  • The restaurant owner is ridiculing the dissatisfied customer on Facebook.

I’m presently taking the Social Media and Digital Marketing Certificate program, at Herzing College. I had a module called Business Crisis Management that teaches us, students, how to deal with customer complaints. The module teaches us to

  • Always remain calm in front of an unsatisfied customer.
  • Listen and Acknowledge the customer complaint.
  • Apologize for such a bad experience that the customer felt they had at your place of business.
  • Discuss with the customer, necessary steps needed to take, to resolve the customer complaint.

If you follow these 4 basic good customer service tips you will more often than not resolve customer complaints amicably.

Staff writer David P Fenelus
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Rude restaurant owner

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  • David Fenelus

    No customer deserve to be treated that way.

  • Taneysha Winkler

    You forgot to mention that the boyfriend is a convicted felon with open warrants for robbery and the fact that he ran when the police arrived. What is the real story here?

    • David Fenelus

      Mona Morgan declined an interview. But since you brought it up… I’ll entertain that comment. Can you explain the relevance of knowing this piece of information?

      • Taneysha Winkler

        You can contact the local police department and they will fill you in. If you know his whereabouts they would greatly appreciate it.

        • David Fenelus

          Okay… But let me ask you this question… in your personal opinion, do you believe that Mona Morgan handled this customer complaint in a professional manner?

          • Taneysha Winkler

            As a business owner myself I’ve been threatened and had vulgar language used toward me. I’ve never reacted like that. I’ve also never had someone directly in my face invading my personal space while someone else blocked the door to my business. I would like to think that I would not react this way but until you walk in someone else’s shoes you never know. Both ladies are responsible for this outcome.

          • David Fenelus

            I appreciate the honest opinion. I don’t think Tiffany did anything wrong as a customer. She bought a plate of food and didn’t it and was not happy with the meal and brought it back for a refund. However, with that said, I think Mona is lucky to have a friend like you in her corner. You are loyal to the end.

          • Taneysha Winkler

            I actually don’t know this lady but I reached out to her after I saw who was in this video. Her account is totally different and I believe her because I know him. If you are a real friend to Tiffany tell her to run as fast and far away from this guy as she can.

          • David Fenelus

            I’m the webmaster at a blog content marketing website created to give black web users an authoritative voice on the world wide web. I don’t take sides. I give our people the opportunity to be heard. That’s why I gave Mona Morgan an opportunity to tell her side, but she declined. I was hoping that she would come to the table so that we as a community could get through this together… but she chose to go another route. Which I find unfortunate because she lost a willing and paying customer. And Mona is not even pretending to care. So now she is leaving a bad impression in the minds of potential future customers, and her current customers.

          • David Fenelus

            You mentioned that you are a business owner… I’m intrigued. What is your field of work… You are more then welcome to submit relevant and useful information about your business to your target audience on our website Taneysha.

  • Me,Myself&I

    She got quite a few bad reviews from people disgusted about that video. Also got a few before the situation happened that seemed similar to this incident.

    • David Fenelus

      My personal and professional opinion is that Mona needs to take some business etiquette classes. She feels no remorse whatsoever and is actually making fun of this situation.