Prince – Untimely Death Befuddle Black Conscious Community

Prince – Untimely Death Befuddle Black Conscious Community

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The Death Of Prince, and the refusal Of Black Folks to Accept the reality of the circumstances of his untimely Death.  With the recent Untimely Death of Prince, The Artist, all kinds of wild theories and conspiracies are flying around on the internet, like verbal Drones, waiting to drop on any, about his untimely death. The secrecy surrounding the investigation only serves to feed these people, who rise to each theory like sharks to chum. It’s slightly irritating to rational people, because things like this, only serve to undermine serious issues in the black community on issues where the credibility of the “powers that be” are in question.

Individuals that are really interested in finding out what really happened to Prince should take the time to peruse all the solid credible facts, that have come out so far. They would see that the Man had a drug abuse problem for whatever reason. Realizing that in your mind, and saying it out loud, does not make you disloyal to Princes memory, or take away from his musical legacy one whit. Also, it has come to light through Van Jones, the CNN political commentator, that Prince was quietly involved in philanthropy in many areas, that helped the community.

If we as Black people don’t learn to block out the “white noise” that causes us to not focus on facts, we are not going to be able to progress in a real sustained way to remedy the real problems in our community. To continue to holla “Illuminati” every time one of our best and brightest dies only serves to act like quicksand when it comes to critical thinking. Drug abuse in the entertainment community has slain many bright talented individuals of all colors. Kurt Cobain, Freddie Prinze, Janis Joplin, Jimmy Hendrix, Jim Morrison, etc. There are too numerous to name, the list is that long.

People need to focus on the musical legacy the man left behind, and the good work that he did while here. Too Bad, he didn’t have stronger influential people around him who gave a damn about him as a person, instead of Prince the artist, and maybe he would still be here. The life of some of these celebrities has to be a lonely depressed one, a good portion of the time. You don’t know who cares about you, for you, and not about what you can do for them. Plus a lot of people depend on you for a living. That’s a lot of pressure, for anybody.

Also, the Man had some heavy things happen to him in his personal life, that probably weighed on him as a person. The fact that he most likely abused drugs does not make him less of a person to me. Those were his personal demons and have nothing to do with me, or anyone else, except his close family and friends. Please, Black folks, stop with the conspiracy theories. We can discuss this issue rationally and logically. The most real thing that’s happening with his death is it looks like its gonna get ugly with the family insofar as him not leaving a will. let’s hope and pray that it gets worked out without too much acrimony.

Nuwla contributor – Cedric Wayne Bell
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Cedric Wayne Bell

Cedric Wayne Bell is a living example of being able to turn your life around if you don’t give up. The preacher’s son, who served time in prison is an Ashland University graduate, with a degree in Criminal Justice. Cedric is an author, community activist, and is passionate about the black community diaspora.

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  • Mairo Brown

    Where is the evidence that he had a
    drug abuse problem? He was a Jehovah witness so his religious doctrine forbid it as to my knowledge he was very committed to being JW. You can’t just assume some body abused drugs that’s absurd but I do agree with one thing that ppl should find out the facts before speculating as you have done here trying to address others doing the same thing, hypocritical if anything. If Prince had a drug problem we would have heard about it by now, since we have had numerous artists that have fallen because of drug over doses and they were widely known about and observed by fans. There are many questions surrounding prince’s death we will never know the truth so as you mentioned we need to address the issues that can change the quality of life within our community!

    • Cedric Bell

      Your Counter argument is not Solid. Michael Jackson was a Jehovah Witness also, and we didn’t know about his drug problem either. And Speculation?. The authorities themselves said they found Drugs on his person and all over his house. And why pray tell would we have heard about it?. That’s a ridiculous Statement on the face of it. Prince was a person that guarded his privacy very carefully, just like Michael Jackson. He also was treated for a Drug overdose in the episode on the plane a few days before his death. Also they have the video record of his many trip to the drug store that day to pick up his scrip. Every thing I’ve talked about is base on the current facts as known. if your going to debate on a subject matter next time be more concise about it.

      • Mairo Brown

        We knew about Michael Jackson’s drug issues way before his death, also you really trust the statements of the authorities the same ppl that are gunning our ppl down and allowing their killers to walk free? That’s hilarious ! He was caught on tape going to the drug store but he also kept his business very private which one is it? I don’t trust nothing these demons tell us because they have proved over and over again they can’t be and if you trust them then I question your whole entire view on his death!

        • David Fenelus

          We can’t ignore facts just because. And we can’t make up truths just because neither. The problem here is that conspiracy theorists never have tangible evidence to back up their theory.

          Prince’s close friends have said in interviews that he has been taking pain medication for years due to his bad hip and ankles. But the theorists ignore his own friends. Prince has been running his own label for years now. He wasn’t tied up to know label. He fought a long andn hard battle to get his masters and to be liberates frommhis contract.

          People die everyday. Not only that, but people die unexpectedly all the time. But because Prince was famous, it’s a conspiracy. I don’t have a problem with someone thinking it’s a conspiracy if they have tangible evidence. However if they don’t and the facts presented is he was a sacrifice for the Queen as proof of his murder, I will not even entertain it.

  • David Fenelus

    Good read.

  • Janice Jones Hutchinson

    I don’t think we have a problem with weather or not Prince had a drug problem; we have a problem as to why in the hell is anyone digging so deep and searching so hard to discover if he had a drug problem. Prince appeared to be a caring, peaceful, and spiritual being. Why the drama?

    I will not offer another conspiracy theory, although I have my own. What I think we should do is ignor any media that is focused on why he died, change the chanel, skip the videos, and don’t respond to their messy blogs.

    • David Fenelus

      I agree with that.

  • Cedric Bell

    When you are a Celebrity. That comes with the territory. Anybody that seeks celebrity has to accept the publicity, good and bad that comes with it. Shrug!.