Prince – Foul Play In Princes Death and The Cover Up

Prince – Foul Play In Princes Death and The Cover Up

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Prince – Illuminati Theorist Suggest Foul Play And Cover Up  I’m going to walk the perimeter of that rabbit hole for a moment and ask a few questions.  I hope y’all can hear me from up here.

Honestly, if there was foul play in Prince’s death and the cover-up was so flawless that no receipts could prove anything outside of what the media and an autopsy report tell us… or even if it was a complete mess and there were holes in alibis and all kinds of evidence pointing to foul play…

What the FucK are you going to do about it?


Think about it before you answer. You thought the same about Michael. I saw no ePetition floating around asking for the case to be reopened. No, Go Fund Me, to pay for a private medical examiner and attorney.

When Malcolm X’s grandson was thrown off the roof in Mexico, did anyone suit up, bear arms and head to the grand offices of white supremacy to seek justice?

When we have the receipts that we were done wrong, we do nothing about it. Last I heard, George Zimmerman was still alive and free.

So what’s the point of getting fired up over a speculation that you’re powerless to change? You want to believe the worst. I get it. We’re conditioned to find comfort in victimhood. It’s part of our post-traumatic stress disorder(PTSD) based culture.


Nuwla contributor – Kelly Abel
Kelly Abel appears courtesy of Studio by Kelly
Feature Image of Prince – Artist Clip Art and Illustrator – Karen Michell
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Prince - Foul Play in Prince's Death and The Cover-UP
Kelly Abel

Kelly Abel, founder of Studio by Kelly, is an art historian, writer and a visual artist from New York City.  She is committed to preserving and promoting Arts and Culture of the African diaspora.


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  • Newman2012

    Open your eyes… they were very sloppy with this one when they killed Prince.

    • David Fenelus

      I don’t believe in the conspiracy theory the conspiracy theorists are promoting. Prince died and he is not coming back. Let him rest in peace ✌.

      Newman 2012 if you want to add a link to your comment, make it a link that opens in a new window. I will do this for you here this time… Next time I will just remove the link. Thank’s for visiting and your comment.

  • foxymae

    You are a part of this society that will be in the dark when the SHIIIII hits the fan. You are blinded by your search for fame and fortune or maybe even status. Regardless to what you are saying,Prince was murdered and cremated to cover up what really happened to him.

    • David Fenelus

      Nahhh… I just don’t agree with your theory. Here is an idea. Show some evidence. Tangible evidence. Not images and video clips. Once you can do that… I might start paying attention.

  • foxymae

    Ok David what did you find out?