Parrish Smith Kills Verse! It’s Going Down -EPMD- Hot Spot!

Parrish Smith Kills Verse! It’s Going Down -EPMD- Hot Spot!

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David P’s Hot Spot – featuring Parrish Smith

Welcome to David P’s Hot Spot. I will share classic rap verses from the genre of rap music every Sunday at 11 pm. The rap verse criteria are flow, lyrics, substance, authenticity, and originality.  This segment on David P’s Hot Spot is for my rap audience.    This is my way of paying homage to rap legends and keeping their music alive.

Today I’m featuring Parrish Smith, one-half of the legendary rap duo EPMD. I feel like Parrish is addressing an issue in verse 2.  PMD is in rare form.  Don’t forget to leave your feedback in the comment section. Peace.

Song Title: It’s Going Down

Duration of entire song: 4:12 minutes

Duration of Verse: 1:25 to 2:05… 40 seconds

Verse 2

Performed by: Parrish Smith, from the rap group, Erick Sermon, and Parrish Smith, better known as EPMD.

Album: Juice – From the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Album: Business Never Personal

Label: Geffen

Song Release Date: December 31, 1991

Parrish Smith

Parrish Smith

It’s Going down – verse 2:

No lights, no camera, but lots of action
No moonwalking backward, kid, like Michael Jackson
Strictly funk flows and steel toed Timb boots to troop
State to state, stage to stage, as I clock loot
Black Asiatic, rapper fanatic, automatic
Black nine mil is what I pack so kill the static
EPMD cranks the sound that thumps underground
You stupid boy, no props here, you catch a beatdown
Hit Squad is still in effect, no record skipping
You stupid boy, keep the track, still shitting
Down with the rap pack, still grabbing my bozack
Here’s a ticket kid to ride the Jim like Amtrak
Got mad skills, hi-tech, been known to snap necks
From eighty-seven to ninety-two, fourth cassette
But now I’m Swayze, ghost, the rap host
Who rip shows, from coast to coast

List of references

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Verse transcript edited by David P


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Parrish Smith
Parrish Smith is in rare form!

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