Kendrick Lamar Under scrutiny
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Kendrick Lamar Under Scrutiny For Black Women Beauty Content Hip-Hop artist Kendrick Lamar debuted his fourth LP, Damn.  As to the character of his work, Kendrick unleashed thought-provoking tracks, ...
rude restaurant owner
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Rude Restaurant Owner Yells At Customer Tiffany Sharhon was hungry and decided to order delivery from a restaurant called Soul on the River located in Neptune, New Jersey. ...
Mental illness
Mental Health Care

Mental Illness – not in My house Mental illness is a taboo subject in the black community and it’s time to bring the suicide epidemic conversation to the ...
Rashida Strober
Nuwla Exclusive

Rashida Strober Sets The Record Straight On Colorism We recently published an article submitted by Rashida Strober and the feedback we got from our audience was that she ...
Alabama Racism Taught me how to rechannel my energies
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Alabama Racism Taught Me To Rechannel My Energies Discovering that your thoughts are different from those around you, can cause you to become silent.  You learn to “selectively ...
Helping underprivileged youths
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Helping Underprivileged Youths Is Everyone’s Job Montreal, April 6th, 2017—DESTA Black Youth Network, a non-profit organization in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, will be hosting an Open House on Thursday, ...
Interracial dating for the wrong reasons
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Interracial Dating For All The Wrong Reasons There is a percentage of black men on social media who detest black women. This hatred stems from past failed relationships ...
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Dark Skin Activist Rashida Strober Hi, my name is Rashida Strober.  I am the world’s first dark skin activist and the inventor of dark skin activism. I invented ...
Korryn Gaines Facebook Live Recorded Standoff

Korryn Gaines Facebook Live Recorded Standoff With Police On August 1, 2016, Korryn Gaines was shot and killed in her apartment by tactical officer First Class Ruby after ...