Overcoming Fake News On Social Media

Overcoming Fake News On Social Media

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Overcoming Fake News On Social Media

I don’t agree with Facebook and Google on wanting to delete and penalize web users and legitimate sites who deliver real news/credible news. However, I do feel that overcoming fake news on social media is imperative.  There are allot of fake news being shared on Facebook like this one reported on this link that I’m sharing here: http://nuwla.com/facebook-posting-memo-stating-martial-law-is-inauthentic/  And I learned that there is a percentage of people who read and believe hoax news,  even after being told that the news they thought was useful and authentic, is fake. And that’s a problem. I think the risk outweighs the benefits. And that the legitimate sites and web users who take a hit at this stage of resolving the ‘fake news’ issue, can chalk it up as; “ taking one for the team.”   As for the home web user, He/She can do His/Her part in overcoming the fake news phenomenon, by making a conscious effort to fact check a headline that reads somewhat incredible, before sharing it, with their family, friends, and associates on their social media network.

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Feature image was taken from: http://www.nbcnews.com/nightly-news/video/facebook-twitter-google-face-more-criticism-over-bullying-fake-news-809813571602

Staff Writer – David P Fenelus
Overcoming Fake News
Fake news is annoying.

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