NCAA Universities Exploit College Athletes

NCAA Universities Exploit College Athletes

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NCAA Universities Exploit College Athletes.  There are very rare moments in which I watch TV just to tune in to watch a movie that interests me or a collegiate sports game.

When I do watch the game more closely, I can’t help but notice that while the black athletes are playing for bragging rights and glory of these universities, the NCAA universities are profiting from the exploitation of the athletes labor behind the scenes.

NCAA Universities like North Carolina and Syracuse are basically modern-day plantations that academically and athletically exploit black athletes.  85% of them that come from very rough, impoverished areas without being compensated for the millions of dollars they bring into these big universities and billions of dollars they bring into the NCAA universities every year and they destroy the futures of thousands of young black men each year.

The athletes are drugged up at an early age from being put into these training camps as a peewee and are put through all kinds of abuse from physical to psychological (watch Friday Night Tykes on YouTube).

And then here’s how the big universities extract millions of dollars from the black community each year (watch Hood Dreams documentary on YouTube see it).

1. They send coaches to The Hood to sell them false promises of a “free education” and “free tuition.”

2. The athlete then signs to play either football or basketball at the university without understanding the business side of being exploited by them.

3. The athlete is later brainwashed by these coaches to focus on only football or basketball & not focus on being properly educated.

4. They will use these athletes up for a few years to make themselves rich and drop them off right back in The Hood and like E-40 said in a song that you should check out. The title of the song is “To Whom It May Concern” & the chorus is “They’ll find a new guy next year.”

NCAA Universities Exploit College Athletes.

An example of the exploitation of college athletes was a few years ago when there was a huge scandal that came out of The University of North Carolina, where basketball is the king & there was an academic corruption & exploitation scandal that uncovered that 3,100 students (most of them were black athletes) were put into fake classes between 1993-2011 & because the administrators & other professors knew that most of the black athletes couldn’t read, they were complicit in this academic conspiratorial corruption & exploitation to keep the athletes eligible & uneducated.

Another example of how athletes are exploited by big universities is the other academic corruption scandal that happened at Florida St, where football is the king, where they would put the athletes in special ed classes in order to keep them eligible without actually educating them because they knew these athletes couldn’t even read.

And then a few years ago, Shabazz Napier, a former college basketball player who won a National Title for The Connecticut Huskies, had complained about going to bed hungry and the last thing The NCAA needs is to have a 1,000 young black men thinking like Shabazz Napier, so they quickly changed a rule to providing free meals for athletes.

The NCAA is the most corrupt, exploitative, and racist system in America because they don’t allow athletes to even profit off their own autograph, image, or likeness. And they are very restrictive in preventing athletes from forming labor unions.

The NCAA doesn’t care about the mothers of these athletes that live in poverty that can’t afford to pay the bills, have something to eat, or trying to survive being shot in The Hood as long as they are profiting from the exploitation of their son’s labor & it’s sick and disgusting to me.

The Solution: These athletes and ex-athletes need to speak up and take a stand against this corrupt, exploitative, & racist system called The NCAA so that athletes can be properly compensated for their labor as well as autograph, image, and likeness.

NCAA Universities Exploit College Athletes
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  • David Fenelus

    Good read.

    Student athletes deserve a percentage of all the money that is being made.