Denouncement Of Black Immigration In Canada – 1911

Denouncement Of Black Immigration In Canada – 1911

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Denouncement Of Black Immigration In Canada- 1911

Donald Trump’s executive order on immigration has many Americans and foreigners outraged. But did you know that 106 years ago right here in Canada, blacks faced similar circumstances? No better time than now-Black History Month- to share the most famous denouncement of black immigration in Canada.  Read the speech below.

‘We Want No Dark Spots in Alberta’ 1911

Like the province of British Columbia being called ‘yellow British Columbia’ our own province might be called ‘black Alberta’ and therefore I think the time has come when immigration should be made a subject of personal control.  We have our personal rights but we want not only those that we have got but also as to who we want living alongside us, and who we do not. There are three classes of people who come to the country. The first class come and intermarry with us, and of course, these are the kind which we want, and in fact, we will cry out for them.  The second class merely come and does not engage in as much activity as the first class.  We cannot say anything against this class and are glad to have them here, but we do not receive them with as much enthusiasm as the others.  Then the third class, and here I can refer to Alberta being called Black Alberta. We do not want this name attached to us, nor do we want the province black in spots.  I can only see one way out of this difficulty, and this is to put the present government out of power and bring in one who will listen to our pleas. The present government is useless.  Anyway, if we had personal rights in this respect, I do not think the province would stand for an invasion of colored people.  Way down in Ottawa they do not think of the matter as seriously as we do, and therefore the interest is lacking.

Lethbridge Conservative, C.E. Simmons

There you have it. The most famous denouncement of black immigration in Canada. If you don’t know history you are doomed to repeat it.

Most Famous Denouncement Of Black Immigration In Canada
We want no dark spots in Alberta


Staff writer-David P
Photo Image – Edmonton Journal

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Denouncement of black immigration in Canada

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