Korryn Gaines: Life After Death One Year Later

Korryn Gaines: Life After Death One Year Later

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Korryn Gaines: Life After Death One Year Later

Hi Korryn, I don’t know what life is like after death, so I hope you are doing well.  Your family misses you like crazy. Especially on the first of the month. Your mom, your Uncle Jermaine, and the father of your child Kareem is always sharing pictures of you with kind words on Facebook to honor your memory. Your friends and family never miss an opportunity to jump on the post to engage.

Korryn Gaines was shot and killed by police.

Korryn, you should know that you didn’t die in vein. Your neighbor Ramone Coleman was home throughout the entire standoff between you and the police and he gave us an interview.   We were all shocked to read that you told the cops to back off and you would surrender but the impatient and blood thirsty cops didn’t comply. To add insult to your death, the Baltimore County State’s Attorney Scott Shellenberger didn’t see anything wrong with the actions of the police and decided not to press charges.  Even though the states attorney’s decision was bullcrap… Your family is not backing down.  Your mom filed a 4 million dollar wrongful death lawsuit against Baltimore County and Officer Ruby. 2 million against Baltimore County and 2 million against that trigger happy cop. Your neighbor Ramone Coleman has a case against the cops for what transpired that day because they put him and his daughter in harm’s way and so he is suing the county as well.    You will be happy to know that your son Kodi was not seriously injured during the shootout and he survived.    Another thing you should know is that Colin Kaepernick, the former Quarterback of the San Franciso 49ers had an awakening last year and used the NFL platform to protest against police brutality by not standing up for the USA national anthem. Unfortunately, after your death,  there were more cases of cops shooting down civilians and Collin decided to use his platform to bring the brutality to the spotlight.   A large segment of the white community was pissed and turned his silent protest against the cops into being against the military.  You know how it is, and of course, all the Sambos’ came out showing their asses.

I’m gone end this post with a statement from your mother Rhonda.

Today, August 1st, 2017 marks the one year anniversary of your death. So I reached out to your mom and asked her to reflect on your death and share her thoughts. Here is what she told me…

I am ok at this moment. My emotions present in waves😔. This is a very sad day for many. But every day is a sad day for me! Every day waking up to the reality of my child being murdered! Her children without a mother, my children without their sister, aunts, and uncles without their niece, and so on. It’s a daily struggle😢 that I must continue to fight through. So it hasn’t gotten easier, and I’m not sure it ever will. Thanks David for checking on me. You have been an awesome voice and supporter for my Korryn.


Staff Writer David P. Fenelus

Korryn Gaines mother, Rhanda

Ramone Coleman

Uncle Jermaine

Baltimore.cbslocal.com: Korryn Gaines’s Family Plans To Sue, Legal Documents Paint Different Picture Of Day

Book to buy:

The Mis-Education of the Negro

“It seems only a reasonable proposition, then, that, if under the present system which produced our leadership in religion, politics, and business we have gone backward toward serfdom or have at least been kept from advancing to real freedom, it is high time to develop another sort of leadership with a different educational system.”
—Carter G. Woodson, The Mis-Education Of the Negro, chapter 14 The New Program, page 99—




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  • David Fenelus

    R.I.P Korryn

  • Will Morrow

    Whoever filled her head with hate and nonsense about “sovereign citizens” should bear a huge part of the blame.

    • David Fenelus

      I think that’s a fair comment.

  • Willie Bottoms

    When will NUWLA bring to life the destroying of black people other then these staged cop shootings. Look in Crime Scene Investigations Real-Life Science Labs this is for grades 6-12. It is sad that we as grown folks with degrees and so called knowledge continue to fall for the lies over and over again. First of all, they will not give you this much information until the actual trial is over. We must be smarter then this and not tricked by deceivers of the truth. The Sandy Hook shootings were also fake. The Trayvon Martin shooting was also fake. Over and over again they keep pushing these FALSE FLAGS events to get BLACK AND WHITE People worked up so that they can medicate you because of FEAR. The Bible tells us that God’s people suffer from Lack of Knowledge. Start researching for yourselves and stop believing everything that these FAKE NEWS outlets continue to sell us. Please my people, research and don’t be lazy because the reality does not add up. Watch the Videos closely in all of these FALSE FLAG operations. These are not Conspiracy Theories but Realities of Truths. It is time to stop spread lies by the Media and discontinued promoting Government Propaganda.