Korryn Gaines Neighbor Recalls Deadly Standoff With Police

Korryn Gaines Neighbor Recalls Deadly Standoff With Police

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Korryn Gaines Neighbor Recalls Deadly Standoff With Police – Exclusive Interview

At around 8:30 am in the unit block of Sulky Court in the Carriage Hill apartments, in the city of Randallstown Maryland,  Ramone Coleman heard people shouting outside his front door. Thinking nothing of it at first, Ramone continued to watch tv.  But as the yelling escalated, Ramone walked to his front door and looked through his peephole and saw several police officers.  At about 9:00 am the police took over Ramone’s apartment to set up surveillance. The special forces from the tactical unit drilled holes in his living room, bedroom and bathroom to monitor the movements of his next door neighbor, Korryn Gaines after she barricaded herself inside her apartment with a gun.  After several hours of negotiations, Korryn Gaines told the cops if they put their guns down and back off, she would come out… but the cops did not back off. Irritated, Korryn yells at the cops to leave her house or she will shoot. The cop panicked and pulled the trigger, Gaines fires back two rounds, meanwhile, Ramone Coleman hits the deck as a gun battle breaks out between the cops and Korryn Gaines. Korryn Gaines is killed, her young boy Kodi Gaines is caught in the crossfire and catches a bullet in the elbow.

Korryn Gaines lived on her own terms and died on her own terms.  I have a lot of respect for her because she talked the talk and walked the walk.  I reached out to Korryn Gaines neighbor,  Ramone Coleman when I discovered the cops set up surveillance in his apartment to monitor Korryn Gaines movements on that tragic day of August 1, 2016.  Ramone Coleman agreed to give Nuwla this exclusive interview to share his versions of events.
Korryn Gaines Neighbor Recalls Deadly Stand off
Ramone Coleman – Tactical unit took over his apartment to set up surveillance cameras to monitor Korryn Gaines movement during hours-long standoff.
Nuwla: First I would like to start by thanking you for doing this interview with Nuwla, Ramone. Please share with us your place of residence on August 1, 2016.
Ramone Coleman: 4 Sulky court #T3,  Randallstown, Md 21133.
Nuwla: What apartment # did  Korryn Gaines live in?
Ramone Coleman: T4
Nuwla: I want to get a better understanding of your viewpoint and give our readers a clear picture. When you open your apartment door, can you see Korryn’s front door in front of you or were your apartments side by side?
Ramone Coleman: Side by side
Nuwla: So you lived right next door to her. Were you friends?
Ramone Coleman: Just neighbors.  Korryn was cool, she helped my wife out when she broke her ankle at the beginning of the year of 2016. And Korryn helped me and my neighbor dig our cars out during the snowstorm of 2016. Korryn was a nice person, always nice to me and my wife.
Nuwla: What was your relationship like with her boyfriend Kareem Kiean Courtney?
Ramone Coleman: It was a Hi and Bye type relationship.  He was cool from what I saw.
Nuwla: Were the police called to their apartment often for domestic violence disputes?
Ramone Coleman: I heard them(Korryn and Kareem) beef more than 3 or 4 times. I don’t open my door to see all of that.  When you hear people beef, you pay it no mind because everything always goes soft afterward and their good again. She once put his clothes on the front door one time. That was funny, well not really, but you see and get what I mean.
Nuwla: Did Korryn and Kareem get a lot of visitors, for example, relatives or friends that visited regularly? Are strange people coming in and out of the apartment?
Ramone Coleman: I saw people I think that was related to her or they could have been really good friends.  I’m a Barber. I work 12 to 14 hours a day. I’m free on Sundays and Mondays, that’s when I see family and friends.
Nuwla: Let’s talk about the day of Korryn Gaines death, last Monday, August 1, 2016. What time did you first notice there was a problem in the building?
Ramone Coleman: Around 8:20 am
Nuwla: Tell us what you heard…
Ramone Coleman: I thought people were fighting so I open my door and the police were outside. There was a lot of yelling.
Nuwla: Is this before they kicked the door open or after?
Ramone Coleman: Way before…Way-way-way before.  The door got kicked in around the time she lost her life, brother. The cops tried for hours to get her out of the apartment.
Nuwla: The report we hear on the news is that the officers who came to serve the warrant initially admitted to kicking open the front door because they could only partially open it with the key due to another lock applied to the door.  Once inside the officers saw Korryn on the floor of the living room pointing a shotgun at them. Tell us what really happen from the time the officers knocked on the door.
Ramone Coleman: Yes, they came inside. I don’t think they are allowed in your house for misdemeanor warrants, that becomes trespassing.
Nuwla: So after the officers were inside and saw she had a gun, they called in for backup?
Ramone Coleman: Yes.
Nuwla: Which was the tactical team that arrived at your apartment to set up surveillance.
Ramone Coleman: Yes
Nuwla: Did the police have camera’s mounted on their helmets?
Ramone Coleman: The ones at my house, yes, it was like special forces.  They were not regular police.   The officers at my house are the ones that come and kill.  They didn’t have regular Baltimore County police uniforms on, their uniforms were dark green.  They carried assault rifles with the 9mm around the kneecap.
Nuwla: Were you home alone?
Ramone Coleman: No
Nuwla: Who were you home with?
Ramone Coleman: My 1-year-old daughter.  The cops took over my apartment.  Put holes in my walls so they could see what was going on. I sent you pictures of the holes.

Nuwla: How did the cops that took over your apartment treat you? Were they respectful?

Ramone Coleman: Very, I think only because my baby was there.
Nuwla: Why didn’t the cops just let you and your daughter leave the apartment?
Ramone Coleman:  They told me to wait till the fire department come so I can leave out the back.  We’re on one floor but there are two sides to the building.  The fire department never came so I just waited. I didn’t know there would be gunfire.  I have a 1-year-old, I wasn’t going to jump or throw my one-year-old to the cops. The cops surrounded my whole building.
Nuwla:  How did Korryn Gaines boyfriend Kareem get out of the apartment?
Ramone Coleman: From what I heard through the bedroom walls he wasn’t trying to stay around because there were over 30 or something cops in our neighborhood. Keep in mind the police station is across the street from our development.  He got the younger kid and got out.
Nuwla: Did Kareem go out a window or did he walk out the front door?
Ramone Coleman:  He walked out the patio door if I’m not mistaken.
Nuwla: So he went out the back then?
Ramone Coleman: There’s no back.  The patio is next to the front door. She was on the first floor.
Nuwla: So as the officers are trying to get Korryn and Kareem to open the door, Kareem slipped out the patio door with his child?
Ramone Coleman: In between, yes.
Nuwla: You mentioned earlier that the police had surrounded the building, so, that means Kareem couldn’t have made it very far.  Was he apprehended inside or outside of the building?
Ramone Coleman: lol! There was nowhere for him to run. As soon as he walked out the apartment, the police were right there. Everywhere! He couldn’t run if he wanted too. There is only two way out. The patio and the front door.  And I know he didn’t go out the window because there was a cop at every single window.
Nuwla: What are your thoughts on Kareem leaving Korryn and her child behind to fend for themselves?
Ramone Coleman: My thoughts are that Kareem should have stayed to talk to Korryn and make sure the 5-year-old was safe.
Kareem Courtney
Kareem Courtney
Nuwla: Was that the last you saw of  Kareem that day… I mean was he a part of the negotiation process at all? 
Ramone Coleman: I’m not sure. Baltimore County is different.  I saw family members come up from my window but they got turned away.
Nuwla: How did Korryn Gaines and the cops communicate during the negotiation process?
Ramone Coleman: Through her front door with the door close.
Nuwla: Were the officers negotiating with the door closed the entire time?
Ramone Coleman: Yes.
Nuwla: How did they know she had a gun?
Ramone Coleman: Korryn said, “I will shoot you, leave me alone.”  She said to “leave her alone” and “don’t come to her house” she said that over and over again. And kept repeating it that for several hours.

Nuwla: What else did she say during the stand-off?

Ramone Coleman: She also said, “if you put your guns down and back up from my apartment, I will come out.” They never did that

Nuwla: What????  You heard Korryn Gaines tell the cops to put their guns down and to back up and she would walk out and they didn’t do it?
Ramone Coleman: No, they did not.  She said, “put your guns down back away from my door and I’ll come out.” And when they didn’t. She said, “leave me alone and get the hell away from my house.
Nuwla: Wow!
Ramone Coleman: The cops said they were not there to kill her. Korryn said they were going to kill her, out her mouth.
Nuwla: What kind of a negotiator is that?
Ramone Coleman: It was, I guess, what you call a “negotiator.”  But I don’t think he was a real one.  I think he was just like the head of a department on his team. I kept hearing the cops talk about another negotiator coming in.
Nuwla: Did you see Korryn’s gun?
Ramone Coleman: Yes I did see her gun. I saw her son too. Cool kid. It looked like he got shot in the elbow
I saw a bone sticking out, plus blood.
Korryn Gaines
Flowers left by mourners outside of Korryn Gaines apartment door to commemorate the victim.
Nuwla: Why did the cop shoot Korryn’s boy Kodi Gaines?
Ramone Coleman: I don’t know.  I got low when the bullets started flying.  I know Korryn’s boy got hit on his arm. I went and looked as they took him out. I think that’s where the blood on the front of Korryn’s apartment door came from.  His bone was sticking out after he got shot. But I don’t think the cops shot Korryn’s boy on purpose. I just can’t see that.  But Korryn’s son said that the cop shot him.  His Aunt got him speaking about the shooting on video from his hospital bed.
Nuwla: In your personal opinion, did the cops need to shoot Korryn?
Ramone Coleman: They should have waited because Korryn had to be going through something, for her to respond to them like that.  The police said they were not leaving till Korryn came out. The cops got frustrated because Korryn would not drop the gun and come out of the apartment… so they went in.  You don’t kill a young lady for a traffic warrant.  You wait till she comes out, that’s all.  Both of them were wrong the way they handled the situation. Nobody should die like that and no mother should jeopardize their children.
Nuwla: What was the last thing you heard before the gun battle?
Ramone Coleman: The last thing I heard before gunshots were fired were “put the goddamn gun down, I’m sick of this!,” then shots were fired.
Nuwla: Who spoke those last words?
Ramone Coleman: The cop.
Nuwla: How many rounds did Korryn Fire?
Ramone Coleman: I don’t know.  It was two big shots that sounded the same.  Then I heard 3 more.  It sounded like it came from a different gun.  It was different sounds and guns.
Nuwla: Did you hear Korryn Gaines scream during the shootout with the police?
Ramone Coleman: My wife asked me that today(August 8, 2016). No, I did not.
Nuwla: Did Korryn Gaines go out in a blaze of glory?
Ramone Coleman: Yes. It was a gun fight. I felt it was.
Nuwla: Are you an agent or a crisis actor? And was this entire event that happened on Monday, August 1, 2016, staged, or a false flag?
Ramone Coleman: You’re funny but no, I am who I told you I was and am. No money is involved… lol! I wish but no I am me… Ramone.  I gave you my personal number to use, don’t give it out to no one.
Nuwla: lol! I had to ask, to get all the conspiracy theorist to pipe down.  And don’t worry about your phone number… I’m locking it on my phone. Thank you for sharing your story with the Nuwla community.
Nuwla: What will you take out of this experience if anything?
Ramone Coleman: I’m not fond of police, never have been. I lost a good friend to police. I avoid them at all cost.
 Around 8:30am – 8:45am Monday, August 1, 2016, I heard yelling outside my door. I go and open the door with my one-year-old daughter.  I didn’t know what was going on at first so I sat on my couch to watch TV. I walked back to my door, looked through my peephole and saw a lot of police outside my door. After that, for hours they asked her to come out. But at the same time, police were inside my apartment putting holes through my walls so they can see her.  At one point she was about to come out, but police didn’t back up. After that, she said: “leave me alone leave my house” after 7 hours of the standoff, gunshots were exchanged.
Ramone Coleman
I would like to thank Ramone Coleman once again for taking the time give Nuwla this exclusive interview.  I will close this interview with the immortal words of Malcolm X,
We are nonviolent with people who are nonviolent with us.
— Malcolm X
Staff Writer – David P
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Korryn Gaines Neighbor Recalls Deadly Stand off
Rest In Peace Korryn Gaines
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