Korryn Gaines Facebook Live Recorded Standoff With Police

Korryn Gaines Facebook Live Recorded Standoff With Police

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Korryn Gaines Facebook Live Recorded Standoff With Police

On August 1, 2016, Korryn Gaines was shot and killed in her apartment by tactical officer First Class Ruby after a 7-hour standoff.  If this is the first time reading about the death of Korryn Gaines click the following link http://nuwla.com/korryn-gaines-neighbor-recalls-deadly-stand-off-with-police-3/ to read our exclusive interview with Korryn Gaines neighbor, Ramone Coleman, who eyewitnessed the entire tragic incident in the city of Randallstown Maryland.  At a point during the standoff, Korryn went live on Facebook to share with her network exactly what was going on. I am including Korryn Gaines Facebook Live Recorded Standoff with the tactical officer in this post.  At this point of the standoff, Korryn is clearly exhausted, but still holding her ground, shotgun in hand, as her and the tactical officer are heard negotiating the impossible.  The tactical officer is yelling at her to put the gun down and Korryn wants him out of her apartment.  You can also hear Korryn calling 911 for help with police. The video abruptly ends while Korryn is explaining to the tactical officer that police have been harassing her for months.  Watch the video below.


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Korryn Gaines Facebook Live Recorded Standoff
I will always remember Korryn Gaines

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  • Audrey Dixon

    I had to brace myself to watch this! My thoughts are regardless of what the disagreement was about I really wish she had laid down her weapon and given up! It’s easy to say what a person should have done when you are safe and secure in your home! I suggest to everyone follow your own mind because at the end of the day you have to live with the consequences! Her children will never know their mothers love! Somethings are bigger than what we want or desire!

    • David Fenelus

      She looked so exhausted in that video.

  • Willie Bottoms


    Please wake up and get smart black people and stop being all of these lives. I pray and hope that you all get intelligence and take some classes on HOAX vs Reality.

    Please stop being stupid, use your God even brains for once in your life.

  • Willie Bottoms


    Listen to this educated black man and then you too can use your God given brain over and over again.


  • Willie Bottoms
  • Willie Bottoms