Interracial Dating For All The Wrong Reasons

Interracial Dating For All The Wrong Reasons

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Interracial Dating For All The Wrong Reasons

There is a percentage of black men on social media who detest black women. This hatred stems from past failed relationships with the black women. The hatred is so deep that it has made these scorned black men discard black women altogether. These scorned black men turn to interracial dating for all the wrong reasons for romance and take pleasure in sharing why they prefer dating white women over black women. And these scorned men share their reasons often and consistently. The following is a perfect example of a post you will see floating around on Facebook. I will include the image and the status that is shared with it:

This is why black men choose to date white and Latino women sometimes, black women don’t know how to give a man peace they are never satisfied or happy you are either doing too much or not doing enough. Today’s black women just don’t do well in relationships or marriages, I’m not trying to be mean but it’s the truth, black women demoralize and disrespect black men entirely too much in relationships that’s why many black men won’t commit to them.  —Mehki Chi—

Interracial dating for all the wrong reasons


I see these types of posts, at least once a day on Facebook… The post above for some reason inspired me to do some research on how white men feel about white women after a few bad relationships. Do they banish white women for black women? And what about white women? How do they feel about beeing chosen over black women simply because this segment of black men can’t get over a bad relationship, and perceive white women to be docile, and easier to get into bed?

The comment below was written by a white woman that chooses to remain anonymous:

Interracial Dating For All The Wrong Reasons

 As a white woman, I have dated across the spectrum of class, religion, and race. I will tell you that my motivation was not based on any preference, as I have always dated white men. I was married once, to a mostly Cree Native American man, and did not marry him for that reason. I cannot claim any preferences. When I dated black men (a couple of times and never again), I came to see that their motivation was my whiteness, perceived as valuable and sexually convenient. Apparently, I was perceived as more of a trophy, more socially acceptable, more sexually available, more easy-going, and more convenient than another type of woman. Not only is this viewpoint racist and sexist by black men towards black women, it is racist and sexist towards white women. It also puts the blame on me for a mentality I do not care to be mistreated by and did not create. Nobody wants to deal with someone like that. It is not a compliment to date someone because of their race.

My Whiteness Is Perceived As Valuable and Sexually Convenient…

There are plenty of white women who throw themselves sexually at the worst possible choice of black males, all to get the perceived Mandingo with dark skin and twelve inches effect, which is stupid, degrading, and desperate. Some of these women for a number of reasons (some Asians and Hispanics also do this) have trouble making it with white men and are not pursuing black men out of personal interest on an individual level free of questionable motivations. It is not a celebration of diversity or a case of love conquers all. It is a case of racking up a high number of sexual exploits to brag about with the perceived notion that the white men who don’t want them are now apparently not satisfying in bed, or so they claim. They want to get laid and go out on dates, and white men won’t do the job. Instead of tackling the real issue, they blame white men and start pursuing the black men, who did not interest them before, for purely sexually exploitative reasons. They come around to black men only because they are black and not even because they like the guy and are attracted to him individually. And they are not doing it because they are open-minded about dating.

I never had a problem getting attention or interest from white men, don’t have low self-esteem, and am not into racking up notches on my bedpost to prove some point against my low self-esteem and emotional vulnerability about my perceived sexual value with black men to make up for rejection from white men, which is really quite pathetic if you ask me. The black men they meet up with seem to not be aware of this.

The black men who bother white women on the street solely due to race seem surprised that their behavior is perceived as unwanted sexual harassment, which it is, and are too egotistical to let go of the idea that all white women want them or there must be something wrong with them. If there is something wrong, it is the perception that all white women must want them. The weird ones claim racism when they reject their own black women for being black. I tell you, I do not think that white women are better-looking, smarter, more attractive, nicer, or in any way superior to black women. It is the black men who think this way. I do not want to be a part of any of that.

I tell you, I do not think that white women are better-looking, smarter, more attractive, nicer, or in any way superior to black women. It is the black men who think this way. I do not want to be a part of any of that.

I also do not want attention solely on the basis of my whiteness. I am not considered the most conventionally attractive woman, which is not to say that I am ugly, but I am well past my twenties, overweight, and have poor eyesight that requires the use of glasses. I certainly am not a knockout beauty queen with long blonde hair, a tan, and a perfect toned body off the beach. Who knows what the perception is? I do have light skin, which seems to be a motivating factor. The black men do not take interest in the wonderfully dark-haired, dark-eyed, wavy-haired, and golden-to-olive skinned Ukrainians, Greeks, Hispanics, Italians, Slavs, and Irish that are so attractive. They also don’t like the redheads. They want the light, tanned blue-eyed blondes with perfect skin and boob jobs, no hips, and every cosmetic enhancement available.

I would say that these black men have a problem with themselves. According to them, only the whitest of the white is attractive and is automatically supposed to be swayed by a giant roving, swaying 12-inch black dick in their faces.

To conclude, white women is not the barometer of relationship happiness. As a matter of fact, the possibility of divorce is greater in interracial relationships that involve black men and white women. According to a blog post on

Marriages including a black husband and white wife were more prone to divorce than those composed of black husbands and black wives. Black male/white female couples also had the highest likelihood of divorce of all white/non-white marriages.


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  • Taz Denis

    she gave some valid points but for their whiteness? give me a break!

    • David Fenelus

      lol! I’m dying over here.

      • Audrey Dixon

        I’m so enjoying this because it’s true! Lot of valid points concerning black men and so sad at the same time! I’m hearing black men date white women because they don’t require much from us! Whereas black women require black men to man up in every area of the relationship! This separates the men from the boys! Boys want it easy! Men man up!

    • David Fenelus

      All jokes aside. I’ve read this many time from the segment of black men who date white women simply because they can’t get a date with black women, or can’t get over a past failed relationship with a black woman.

  • Astella Howard

    There is so much truth to this on everyone’s part, the white, and Latin women, the black man, and the black woman, So many have let these things come out of their mouth. Not surprisingly during the relationship between the 2, you will often see they don’t even like each other truthfully based on their personality. So that is why they often fight and break up and then do the same thing all over again and it’s an ignorant cycle where babies are being born into homes that never had a chance to be a family. My husband is a black man, but when I first met him in 2002 we were in training academy for TDCJ {Texas dept. of Criminal Justice) We became friends, not just us, but a group of us. Honestly when I first met him I was not attracted to his physical appearance. Over time I became good friends with him and we always had good conversation never running out of things to debate about, and enjoyed each other’s points of view. Over time I found myself really being attracted to him physically and eternally. It is now 2017, wow how time fly’s!!! He is still my friend my lover, and the father of our 3 children. We have lasted this long because our skin tone had no consideration for us dating. So this is proof interracially dating for the wrong reasons will be nothing but waste of time and children being in a broken home every time. You are destined to have multi failed relationships if you date someone mainly based on their physical appearance. The reasons to date anyone for matter the physical appearance should have little influence on why you chose him/her.

    • David Fenelus

      Awesome testimonial. Thanks for sharing.

  • William Hughes

    Interracial dating is played out it’s a known fact that white men use it as a tool to breed more light-skinned black children to play psychological games with the black man and woman and he still doing it today with his law he passed in 1967 it’s all about controlling the black population but it’s not working for the white man because only 12% of black women marry and date outside of their race compared to 24% of black men so the white man and white supremacy has been working on declining the black population in this country but it’s not working because God is not allowing it to work LOL LOL LOL nice try white people one more thing before I go interracial started here in this country when the white man forced himself on the black woman rape that is rape and forced her to have his children now he still up to his old tricks but he’s put a pillow under it he’s talking about marriage he still wants her to have the mix children but the the biracial children girl or boy wined up going to have children with a person of black descent leaving the white man empty-handed more biracial children leave and date black that’s a fact

  • William Hughes

    Again one more thing before I go interracial dating is a part of white supremacy they want to tear down the black population little by little it’s a dismantling process that they’ve been thinking about a long time but the problem is that God want and let them destroy the children of Israel the only black people that will be destroyed in interracial dating is the one that God allowed to be destroyed the black men and women that go on to breed with white people it’s a destructive process destroying your blackness don’t forget that it is white supremacy in the sophisticated way because the white man he can’t rape the black woman anymore because he would look a uncivilized caveman so he has to be sophisticated very sophisticated but again it’s not working because God won’t allow it to work he won’t let you destroy black people or control them white supremacy we know what you’re up to we know you best because we have been around you for almost four hundred years and 2019 will be exactly 400 years so we know you good white people good good good we know you good and God will not allow you to destroy the black woman and black man you can take that to the bank or to hell we know both of them are you’re known addresses

    • David Fenelus

      I don’t think that interracial dating is a white supremacy plan to eliminate the black race. The two cultures have been attracted to each other for a very long time. The social environment and social behavior for interracial relationships have changed and so now interracial couples are stepping out and displaying their love, attraction, and affection for each other in public for the world to see. In the past these couples had to hide their attraction because it was hazardous to their health.

      • William Hughes

        Let me see if you agree with me interracial started here in America between black people and white people when the white man constantly rape the black woman he had almost 200 years of grape under his belt the process was to bring a weaker black person about so you tell me is the white man harming or helping the black woman when she has his child

    • David Fenelus

      Thanks for commenting.

  • kiuprilli

    I totally disagree with the very first sentence of “Interracial Dating For All The Wrong Reasons”. I have just found this site and I do not believe the statement to be true. Black men do not “detest” black women. I was married to a white woman, who sadly passed away last year. I did not marry her because I detested black women. I married Sandy because I loved her.

    • David Fenelus

      Sorry for your loss Kiuprilli. I didn’t say all black men detest black women… I said that a percentage of black men detest black women. And provided an example in the article to substantiate my position.