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Information For Maximum User Experience On

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Information For Maximum User Experience On

Welcome to Nuwla! You want to know about Nuwla and how to best use our website? Read the information below for maximum user satisfaction on

What does the name ‘Nuwla’ mean?

Nuwla is a creole word that translates in English to “we are here.”

What is Nuwla?

For entrepreneurs, online writers, professionals, and small businesses Nuwla is a blog content marketing website created to help web users achieve their marketing goals,  build brand awareness,  and grow their business in the form of content marketing.

For home users: Nuwla is a blog content marketing website created to bring you value, in the form of publishing articles that are relevant, authentic, credible, and useful.

Our first Year WebSite Stats

Number of Visits: 110,568

Page views: 452,016

List Of Nuwla Categories 

  • Black culture
  • Black love
  • Black Family
  • Comic books
  • Education
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Events
  • Exclusives (Read our exclusive interviews with Korryn Gaines Neighbor, and Uncle)
  • French(For content submitted in French)
  • Hebrew Israelites
  • Health And Wellness
  • How To
  • Movies
  • Music (Check out David P’s Hot Spot where He features a classic rap verse every Sunday at 11 pm. Starting Feb. 26, 2017)
  • Nuwla
  • Sex and Relationship Advice
  • Sports

What is Nuwla’s mission?

  • To attract Black web consumers online
  • To encourage merchants and advertisers’ to promote their goods and services on the Nuwla website
  • To Inform and inspire regular people in the black community
  • To create jobs and or business opportunities

Write Online Articles For Nuwla

Instructions To Submit Content On

  1. Hover your mouse cursor over the ‘Submit Content’ tab.
  2. From the drop-down menu, select’Submit Nuwla Articles and follow instructions.

Who is Nuwla For?

  • Advertisers
  • Authors
  • Black Activists
  • Black community leaders
  • Black web users
  • Black web consumers online
  • Bloggers
  • Consumer Behavior Research Marketers
  • Content seekers
  • Distributors
  • Donors
  • Education Instructors
  • Foreign Advertisers
  • Foreign Internet Marketers
  • Foreign Marketers
  • Guest Bloggers
  • Historians
  • Home School Instructors
  • Employment seekers
  • Librarians
  • Marketers
  • Media Syndicators
  • Merchants
  • Online Commentators(Leave your comments in the comment section located beneath every post on our website)
  • Online writers
  • Opinion writers
  • Opportunity seekers
  • Professionals
  • Scholars
  • Service providers
  • Social Media Activists
  • Sponsors
  • Sports Writers
  • Students
  • Suppliers
  • Web publishers

Why Nuwla?

Nuwla responds to black web users’ demand for an online platform that allows them to transmit relevant information about the black community without the fear of their account being ‘blocked,’ ‘suspended,’ “placed in Facebook jail’ or worse deleted.   All content submitted on Nuwla can be shared on popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter,  Pinterest, Google+, Linkedin, Tumbler, and Reddit.


Information about Nuwla

About the author

Submit your content to be published on our site. The Nuwla platform allows you to connect, inform, and inspire regular people in the black community across the world. Click on the submit content tab follow the instructions and share your videos, articles, pictures, etc. Today!