Helping Underprivileged Youths Is Everyone’s Job

Helping Underprivileged Youths Is Everyone’s Job

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Helping Underprivileged Youths Is Everyone’s Job

Montreal, April 6th, 2017—DESTA Black Youth Network, a non-profit organization in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, will be hosting an Open House on Thursday, April 27, 2017.  The overall objective of the Desta Black Youth Network Open House is to share their initiatives and introduce to the community the services and programs they offer helping underprivileged youths in the french and black community of Montreal, Quebec. Over the next few weeks, DESTA’s staff, ambassadors, community volunteers, and other supporters will be using the “#BeOurVoice campaign to foster awareness and spread the word amongst black people in the city of Montreal, who need it most.

Helping underprivileged youths

Programs at the DESTA Black Youth Network are designed to bridge the gap by investing time and resources in underprivileged youth. Outreach efforts, tutoring, counseling, and programs offered at Desta Black Youth Network are meant to support, and when possible, to prevent youths from falling through the cracks.

We can’t do it alone; it takes a community. We know that the people who need our help may not know about us and our programs. Almost 70 percent of our participants learned about us through word-of-mouth.  We need the community to Be Our Voice,” said Executive Director, Pharaoh Freeman.

DESTA Black Youth Network is a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering young adults (18-35). We assist them with free tutoring and wrap-around services so they can complete high school. We offer free mental health counseling, with culturally-specific counseling, and an array of reintegration services to the incarcerated and formerly incarcerated. DESTA provides a community network of jobs and contacts through One Full Circle (OFC).

For more information, please contact:

Executive Director– Pharaoh Hamid Freeman

Phone Number – 514-664-5042

Email Address –

Physical Address – 1950, rue St. Antoine O.

Montréal, QC H3J 1A5