‘Everybody Loved Her’-Grieving Uncle Remembers Korryn Gaines

‘Everybody Loved Her’-Grieving Uncle Remembers Korryn Gaines

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‘Everybody Loved Her’- Grieving Uncle Remembers Korryn Gaines

Korryn Gaines was born on August 24, 1992. She would have been 24 years old today(August 24, 2016). Born and raised in Baltimore city, Maryland, Korryn had an older sister Shena, an older brother Ryan, and a younger sister Nyila from her mom side.  Korryn had a great upbringing, always eager to learn new things and enjoyed going to church with her mom as a child.  She was a very active child and teenager. Korryn was a member of a  marching band, a drill team, a cheerleader for her brother’s peewee team and a member of the swimming team at her high school. Korryn Gaines graduated from Baltimore City College… “one of the most outstanding academic institutions in America.” Korryn was a very stylish woman and had a passion for fashion. So much so that her uncle Jermaine, said she was a fashionista.  While attending Morgan State College, Korryn took a leave to give birth to her first born Kodi. After the pregnancy, Korryn followed her passion, and pursued a career in fashion and became an expert hair stylist and cosmetologist. ‘Everybody Loved Her.’

Korryn Gaines was a straight shooter who kept it simple and honest. The type of person who would tell you bluntly how she felt about you.  She was a sponge for knowledge. Well versed in politics, spirituality, civil rights and the conditions of the black community.  Korryn was an activist in her own right. People say that she was crazy… but no she’s not… she was never crazy.  She stood up for what she believed in. A person that spoke the truth.

I had the honor to have a conversation with Korryn’s uncle, Jermaine ‘Viafaith’ Barnett. We talked about how he remembered Korryn from childhood to adult and his feelings on some of the negative comments written on the internet about his niece.

Everybody Loved
Jermaine Viafaith Barnett

Nuwla: Thank you for doing this interview, Jermaine.

Jermaine ‘Viafaith’ Barnett: No problem, You’re welcome.

Nuwla: Tell the people your relationship with Korryn Gaines.

Jermaine Viafaith Barnett:  I’m Korrain Gaines Uncle. Jermaine ‘Viafaith’ Garnett. Her mom is my sister.

Nuwla: In your own words describe Korryn Gaines.

Jermaine Viafaith Barnett: Beautiful, intelligent. A fashionista. Everybody loved her.  She reminded me of my mom. Cause she looked just like my mom. Her skin color, her eyes, and her height. She had a lot of my mom’s features and attributes.  When I was around her it felt like I was with my mom thru Korryn.

Nuwla: What was Korryn like growing up?

Jermaine Viafaith Barnett: Korryn was very energetic, a social person. She was into school-like activities such as cheerleading for her brother’s peewee football team, she was on the drill team, she was on the swimming team in high school, she was into fashion, hairstyle. She was one of the best stylists I’ve ever seen. She was a well-rounded person.  Personally to me, if she would have had a chance to get married she would have been an a-1 wife.

Nuwla: Elaborate on that, please.

Jermaine Viafaith Barnett: The type of woman that had all the bases covered. Cause you know, a lot of dudes desire a woman that can cook, she kept her house clean, she was smart and intelligent, she was opposite of a hood chick or a hoodrat. She held down the house.

Nuwla: What is a funny Uncle Jermaine/Korryn Gaines moment that you will always remember?

Jermaine Viafaith Barnett: I remember when it would rain Korryn would call me and ask me to meet her at the bus stop to pick her up so she wouldn’t get wet… the funny thing is the bus stop was up the street. I thought she was playing but she was dead serious… I use to tell her she was a spoiled brat and a diva.

Nuwla: The impression I get from watching Korryn’s videos and images is that she was an involved parent a hands-on parent if you will. How would you describe your relationship with her children?

Jermaine Viafaith Barnett: When it came to her kids, Korryn was very protective and on point.  She made sure to teach them well, she taught them everything from ABC’s to 1-2-3’s.  Korryn wanted to make sure her children were well rounded and she always made sure they had everything they needed… Korryn loved her kids more than life itself and would die for her babies… Without a second thought.

Nuwla: What is the biggest misconception about Korryn Gaines?

Jermaine Viafaith Barnett: The biggest misconception about my niece was the fact people think she was crazy and rebellious. But in fact, she was not… she had a strong passion for knowledge and truth and she never claimed she wanted sovereignty and that’s a fact. In my opinion, she wanted fairness when it came to the law and government and not the double standards and lies that usually comes from said places… she was really tired of the way black people are treated… disenfranchised and just plain walked on and brainwashed with lies told by the powers that be… that’s my opinion.

Nuwla: What do you need to say to the people on social media and the internet who write negative comments about your niece, Korryn Gaines?

Jermaine Viafaith Barnett: All the disrespect is not called for she isn’t anyone’s trap queen, dumb bitch, nor welfare case. Korryn was bright, artistic, and had knowledge of self. Korryn did not put her kids in danger and to be honest, she was being followed and harassed. People are speaking what they don’t know. Such as Oshay Duke Jackson who called my niece a dumb bitch and actually applauded that black women are being killed by police.  Stating they talk too much and need to respect their white daddy who pays everything for them. Well, korryn was not in section 8, nor welfare and dudes like him are a disgrace to our people. Korryn was a grown woman who died for what she believed in and not some crazy disrespectful female, who disrespect the law. She knew the law and was not going to be bamboozled by law enforcement who bend the rules to fit their agenda.  Cherry picking and using what works for them and in their favor… We are living in a world of hate and racism. On top of that, we have race soldier’s out here hiding behind a badge. People getting brutalized and murdered because of their ethnicity. Mentally that can make anyone walk on egg shells… the sad thing is there are some really hateful black people who are happy Korryn died and think she was out of line. But really she wasn’t and to even say such things speaks volumes about them. I can go on all day but I won’t… My niece did not deserve to die just because she stood up against an unjust system.  There are plenty of whites who’ve done the same thing and they are above ground and breathing.
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R.I.P Korryn
everybody loved
R.I.P Korryn

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  • David Fenelus

    R.I.P Korryn and Happy belated birthday!

    • John J Rouse

      She be ded yo

  • Jermaine Viafaith Barnett

    They wanted my niece dead because she had law suits against them and they did not like the fact that she knew the laws of the land and to some she was a nigger who needed to stay in her place..

    • John J Rouse

      Well you got one thing right, the rest was all lies and BS

  • Willie Bottoms
    • David Fenelus

      Willie, how insensitive are you to this situation? This is an interview with Korryn’s uncle. He is mourning his daughter. He attended the funeral. You are trying to convince him that it’s a hoax?

      Does this madness ever stop?

      • Taz Denis

        no comments?….really Willie?

    • Taz Denis

      Imagine one of your folks get shot by police and we all say it’s a hoax…how would you feel?

    • George E. James III

      The mind is a terrible thing to waste.

      • Willie Bottoms

        Correct George, a mind is a terrible thing to waste and unfortunately a lot of people are wasting their minds in believing alot of these false flags as real and acting upon them.

  • Angie LovesNikki’

    RIP Korryn, may u rest in eternal peace and may God be with your kids. I pray u r had a blessed birthday in heaven and watch over us. I didn’t know u but I have been following all that’s been going on with u and u didn’t deserve to die nor did ur son deserve to get shot by police.

    • John J Rouse

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      Now THAT is entertainment!

      • Angie LovesNikki’

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            Get back in your cave neanderthal.

          • John J Rouse

            Get back to swinging from
            Trees and beating your chest, ape.

  • George E. James III

    R.I.P Korryn, you are my hero and someone to be given ultimate respect. God Bl

    • John J Rouse

      Your heros point guns at cop? No wonder you negroes are in so much trouble as a race

  • John J Rouse

    Yea, everyone loved this thug after she was ventilated by the police and rightfully so. Sorry thug loving family, no money to be made here. Move along.

  • John J Rouse

    She stood up against a police officer with a shotgun pointed at him. That’s why this fool is dead.

  • John J Rouse

    Maybe the kid she used as a human shield won’t grow up to be a little thug. Hopefully someone else adopts it and not this pos racist uncle.

    • 2Legit2Quit

      John Rouse……you obvious Neanderthal POS [pile of s***], you should be more respectful when speaking about this honorable woman and her children!!! Her children ARE NOT [ITS OR THINGS OR THUGS]; THEY’RE YOUNG PEOPLE WITH NAMES!!! You should stop trolling and go somewhere and terminate yourself [you worthless oxygen and living space parasite].