Emergency Unlimited Roadside Assistance

Emergency Unlimited Roadside Assistance

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Emergency Unlimited Roadside Assistance

Hey everyone, I just started working with Motor Club of America. If you currently don’t have emergency unlimited roadside assistance (or aren’t happy with the one you’re with) and you don’t have legal defense of traffic tickets, please click the Motor Club of America in the first sentence above to sign up today or contact me. I’d love to tell you how to get peace of mind for your whole family.

In the city of Montreal, winter driving on very cold nights or snow storms can be brutal for motorists. I have a wife, a 15-year-old teenager and 3 young children who are 8,6, and 2 years old.  This year I made the decision to purchase emergency roadside assistance to assure that I and my family would never get stuck in the cold due to car trouble. After doing my research on the different roadside assistance service providers in North America, I decided to become a member of Motor Club of America (MCA). I chose Motor Club of America for two major reasons. I’m not limited to calling only 4 times a year for service. Motor Club of America offers emergency unlimited roadside assistance.  And the second reason is their referral program. To make it plain… I get paid up to 80 dollars every time I sign up a new motorist to join Motor Club of America… So if I sign up 5 people today… my commission is $400.00 dollars.    
About half an hour ago, I sat down to go over all the benefits that come with my membership. Two benefits stood out in importance to me because it made me think of Sandra Bland, a motorist who died in police custody 2 years ago in Waller County, Texas, on July 13, 2015, “three days after being arrested during a traffic stop.” I also thought about Korryn Gaines who died a little over a  year ago on August 1, 2016, in Randallstown, Maryland. Korryn had a bench warrant for not appearing in court for traffic violations. 
The two benefits that stood out are:
  1.  If you are involved in a traffic violation your MCA card is good for $500.00 dollars in Cash Appearance Bond.(just give the card to the officer instead of giving up your drivers license or credit card)
  2.  If legal problems arise MCA will pay up to $2,000.00 for your attorney to defend against police charges resulting from driving your covered auto(we are the only ones who offer this).

Sandra Bland needed $500.00 dollars to secure her release, and because she didn’t have that kind of money in her back pocket she was left stranded in jail for 3 long days.


Contact information:

Email: davidpfenelus@gmail.com

Phone or text: 438-886-9345

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Roadside Assistance Plans

Security Plan: $9,95 per month.

Total Security Plan: $ 19.95 per month.



Emergency unlimited roadside assistance
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