Domestic Violence Hurts Everyone

Domestic Violence Hurts Everyone

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Domestic Violence Hurts Everyone

When you are young, you never think about your mortality… Those things are for OLD people. I grew up seeing what domestic violence could do, my mother was in an abusive relationship. I remember time after time my mother’s boyfriend hitting my mother.  Being 7-9 years old, I would be wishing that I was able to defend my mother when hearing them fight from my bedroom.  I would often just cry myself to sleep. I vowed that when I grew up I would get revenge for all the times he put his hands on her.

I was always told that a man should NEVER raise his hands in a woman’s presence UNLESS it is to DEFEND her. As I grew up I saw some of my female friends involved with possessive men, something I couldn’t understand. I didn’t understand the psychological trauma that is also inflicted on the victim in addition to the physical pain.   When I was 17, an older friend of mine decided she had had enough of the abuse her boyfriend, the father of her two children had put her through. One evening she decided to tell him she’d had enough and was taking the kids and leaving…as she turned to  get her kids from their room, he pulled out a handgun and shot her in the back of the head. Killing her instantly.he then walked to the kid’s room who were 5 and 7 years of age and told them to get dressed because the police would be there to get them. He calmly walked to the phone called 911 and told them what he had done. He was on the run for 3 months before being caught.  His children have been in and out of counseling for most of their lives.

Fast forward to 2016 and just when I think that we as a people have begun to move past this, that we as a people have begun to understand the importance of working together, and how precious our lives are.. that WE as a PEOPLE MUST STICK TOGETHER…I get the news that a friend of mine, a young lady who was expecting a child of her own…had her life cut short. Her body tossed into a shallow pond discarded like a piece of trash… She was killed by her boyfriend as well, and he is now on the run… Domestic violence hurts everyone… not just the victim and their family but the abuser’s family as well.

The next time you feel you are about to strike your mate. DON’T walk it off, walk away… REMOVE yourself from the situation and the mindset that led you to be on the cusp of raising your hand against your mate.  You will be glad you did… and you and everyone else involved will be BETTER for it.”

Nuwla contributor – David Watts

domestic violence

David Watts comes to us by a VERY circuitous route. From photographer to an emergency medical technician – to Paramedic – To Teacher To Computer Engineer – to motivational speaker, David has either seen it, done it, or worked with someone who did.  He has worked in death and life situations with his most memorable taking place in NY. Seeing a true Lazarus moment take place in the ER.

One thing David says he knows for sure: We can ALL live happier, richer and healthier lives if we are willing to challenge our beliefs about who we THINK we are and what we are capable of accomplishing. GOD has given us power beyond our belief, David breaks down Quantum Physics, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Faith and negative self-talk he will give you the tools you need to change your life and the lives of those you love!!

With humor and a dose of common sense, David Watts is a speaker you won’t want to miss.

The feature image of Facebook phenom Tonesha Finley is used with permission, and we are proud to say that Tonesha Finley is a survivor of domestic abuse. Follow Tonesha on Facebook
Tonesha Finley survived domestic violence
Tonesha Finley survived domestic violence

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