Division Makes Us Weak And Vulnerable

Division Makes Us Weak And Vulnerable

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Division Makes Us Weak And Vulnerable 

Division makes us weak and vulnerable. It is society’s biggest Achilles heel. Somehow we have allowed the leaders of global society to divide us into divisive groups. Pick one.

  • Black vs Non-blacks.
  • Homosexuals vs Heterosexuals.
  • Man vs Woman.
  • Fat people vs Skinny people.
  • Light skin vs Dark skin.
  • Religion vs Spirituality.
  • The Rich vs The poor.
  • Liberal vs Conservative.
  • Christians vs Muslims.
  • Hebrew Israelite vs African.

We are at a point today, in 2016, where we have reached an impasse with these divisive leaders. The human race has been devoured by the leaders of global society. We are divided about everything. It’s time that we accept those facts or continue to remain stagnant, argumentative, hateful, divisive and unproductive. The sooner we accept these facts the easier it will be for us to be able to come together and create the change we need to see. Division is a basic operation of arithmetic for goodness sake, we learn it in elementary school. Yet we are being conned with elementary principles of arithmetic by these leaders who are dividing us and were letting it happen… It’s very frustrating for me to write this.

Black people! We are losing. Losing individually in society because the community refuses to come together. I read your words and I hear your voices of discontent on social media…(That’s why Nuwla was created) but only a small percentage is ready to back up those words with action. Are you comfortable with your circumstances or not? If you are not, then figure out what is more important to you. Is it that the man/woman in front of you is light skin, the woman with the weave,  is it LGBTQI issues, Christian, Muslim etc… or the upliftment of our community?

I know what’s important to me. That is the uplifting of the black race as a whole, socially, financially and spiritually in North America. So that we, as in the community, can be a more productive part of society in order to positively impact the lives of the individual members who live in it. And so I go out and execute a plan to make things happen in the hopes of changing my day to day reality, which will lead to me changing our communities reality. We can change our condition and circumstances overnight if we can master the art of agreeing to disagree so that we can focus on a common goal. However, lately, I’ve been thinking that many in our community don’t even realize what that goal is or are not even interested in collectively working together to achieve a common goal. We seem to be more comfortable articulating what the problem is rather than working together to fixing the problem. Just remember this the next time you create that divisive post…

Division Makes Us Weak And Vulnerable.

Staff writer – David P
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