Darletta Scruggs Talks Trump And The Challenges Women Face

Darletta Scruggs Talks Trump And The Challenges Women Face

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Darletta Scruggs Talks Trump’s Presidency And The Challenges Women Face

Darletta Scruggs, Organizer with the Chicago Socialist Alternative, and Movement for Black Lives will be a guest speaker at George L. Mosse Humanities Building. The event will take place Wednesday, March 8, 2017, between 7 PM – 9 PM CST. The address is 455 N Park St, Madison, Wisconsin 53706. When we last spoke with Darletta in April of 2016, she gave us a crash course on socialism and why society needs to rid itself of capitalism. You can read the interview by clicking the following link: http://nuwla.com/darletta-scruggs-speaks-exclusive-interview-for-nuwla-com/  Today Darletta Scruggs talks with Nuwla to reflect on Donald Trump’s presidency, and the challenges women still face today.

Darletta Scruggs talks trump
I am not your Negro

David P Fenelus: Welcome back Darletta. Before we get started. I have to ask. Has your life changed much since your appearance on Neil Cavuto’s Fox Business show? I see you doing interviews in the UK and other parts of Europe. Give us a Darletta Scruggs update.

Darletta Scruggs: Thank you for having me back. Umm no lol, my life has not changed much and I wasn’t expecting it to. I’ve had the opportunity to travel to other countries discussing what is the next step in fighting against exploitation in the age of Trump. We are seeing a global rebellion, even before Trump, but especially recently against capitalism and neo-liberal exploitation.  It’s likely we will be seeing more protests and rebellions, as Trump and the billionaire class continues its attacks on working people, immigrants, and women.  I plan very much to continue to be apart of the resistance in whatever way is needed.

David P Fenelus: Give us a woman’s perspective of what the Trump presidency mean’s for the world?

Darletta Scruggs: Trump’s presidency is a blatant example of the failure of capitalism and the failure of the US two-party political system, as well as shattering the myth of a “post-racial America.” People want change, they want jobs, healthcare, and education. The capitalist class wants to continue their quests for endless profits and domination.  Six people have more wealth than a combined 3.9 billion people. That level inequality is synonymous to the economic structure of capitalism.
The attacks against women, like the attacks on unions, education, immigrants, LGBT, Muslim’s, and black and brown people, is the nature of capitalism. The way forward is not to look through individual lenses or individual perspectives, but to unite our struggles and build a mass movement to stop attacks on all women and all people. 

David P Fenelus: This a two part question. What are some of the challenges that women still face today? And what are the challenges that black women still face today?

Darletta Scruggs: Women today still suffer because we still have in place a system of gender hierarchy (like a racial hierarchy) that says women are inferior, and weaker, to men.  And that women, are designed for childbearing and to be desired by men.  Women are sex objects while at the same time denied every right to be sexually expressive in their own choosing.  The attack on women’s reproductive rights and abortion access is another example that under Patriarchy, women bodies are controlled by the male dominant capitalist system.  At the same time, women are being denied abortion access, child care assistant programs are being cut, women do not get maternity leave, public education is being attacked and women are still paid less than, men.  Most black people will spout the toxic rhetoric of the status quo by saying “don’t have children before marriage” or “women trying to be strong and independent they need a man to take care of them.” This removes the blame being placed where it should, the system, and suggest the only way for women to live is by the permission of a man.
Black women in some ways experience this the worst because of the strong belief in the black community that “men run the household and run the community” and black women are to respect that.  You see this in memes asking “who do you feed first, husband or kids?”  In order for black women to be liberated and black trans women to stop being murdered, the black community and black men in general, have got to come to terms with the lies of capitalism, the lies of patriarchy and the toxic role of the black church.  All women, like all people, have the right to choose their own paths and on international women’s day, celebrate and value women.  All women including trans women.  Reject homophobia, reject patriarchy.  Stop controlling women.
David P Fenelus: Darletta Scruggs, in honor of International Women’s day. I would like to use the Nuwla platform to say,  I appreciate you and the hard work you put in every day to create change. You are a fighter, not only in words but in action.  Thank you.   I will give you the last word. Tell our readers in Madison, Wisconsin why they should attend the International Women’s Day event. How we can stay in touch with you on social media, and what’s next for you.
Darletta Scruggs: In the words of James Baldwin  It’s time to blow the whistle, I think it is time to begin to deal with the power structure. Trump is just another representative of the power structure. We must resist that power structure and build a mass movement that fights against racism, sexism, homophobia/transphobia, economic inequality and all the other evils of capitalism.  What we have to do is EXAMINE AND OVERHAUL THE SYSTEM.
In struggle,
You can follow Darletta Scruggs on Twitter @Lettaspeaks and Facebook https://www.facebook.com/highlite09

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Darletta Scruggs talks trump
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