Bullies Undermine Development In Haiti

Bullies Undermine Development In Haiti

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Bullies Undermine Development In Haiti

Like a neglected child, Haiti is being bullied under the watch of well-intentioned Haitians in the diaspora. Most of us are selective in what we pay attention to when it comes to Haiti, without thinking about the long-term consequences. And you spend a lot of time attempting to silence a FEW of us who are speaking truth to Haiti’s bullies. One of the most effective methods of saving Haiti is to call out its bullies. They do things in secrets that must be brought to light through technology.

If you are going to be upset about Temporary Protected Status(TPS) recipients, then you need to be just as upset about foreign political involvement in Haiti. After all, this is what the bullies use to control and gain access to the country to keep it unstable. And we know the bullies do that by buying a few of the Haitian politicians. It’s fairly easy to control a country if its elected officials are known by the U.S. press to have money laundering charges against them. Even the selected political leaders are afraid that they could be arrested any day, or when it serves the bullies purpose, if they don’t keep the country unstable. Meanwhile, you want to scream, yell, and blame Donald Trump for not wanting to keep Haitians here. You would much rather Haitians live in the U.S and be humiliated by every which way imaginable, instead of working to stabilize their home and get the country’s agriculture back on track.

The city of Aquin, South Of Haiti

REMEMBER, we need to get about 100,000 families of farmers back to work in order to have an impact on 20% of the population. Read the book, “From Aid to Trade.” Stop letting people DISTRACT you with this TPS US political agenda. Work for the GREATER GOOD. Focus on supporting the farmers and technology to move Haiti forward. Maybe now, you can start paying more attention to what Washington D.C., France, Canada, Spain, and Brazil are doing in Haiti for the next election in 2020 or 2021 — that is whenever they decide to have it. I’ll give you a hint. The UN peacekeepers had no business transporting Haiti’s ballots to be counted. Can you imagine Cuba counting the U.S., France, or England’s election ballots? Why do you let it happened in Haiti? Where were you when that was happening? How come you didn’t cause a fuss, then? Think about it.

Something else you want to pay attention to is who is emerging in the country’s political landscape to keep the masses at the bottom. Some of us are not naive. Just this week, the son of a former Duvalier dictator was given front and center stage in New York, in an attempt to manipulate those who are not paying attention that he is here to “unite.” Really? What is the definition of Haiti UNITE here? My question to Duvalier is, what have you done for Haiti lately? This is NOT the 1980s anymore.

This is just my opinion, but I think, the people who invited Mr. Duvalier to this little “UNITY” get together are clearly showing their contempt toward the poor. Why would Haiti want to GO back to a Duvalier? I imagine they want to push him back in power to continue his daddy’s work. Technology will help to find you out. Haiti must BE for all of us, or it CANNOT, or, it will not work for you.


Edited by David P Fenelus
Written by Daniella Bien-Aime
Feature image Ile a Vache was taken from newsjunkiepost.com

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  • David Fenelus

    The Haitian population needs to find a way to take back control of their country.

    • What do you suggest they do Bro? Sing, dance,play ball, box or tell jokes? Oh yeah, and vote? What do they or Afrikans anywhere else in the world have to show for the foregoing?!!! How about fighting back like every other race, and ethnic group in the world?