Black Girl Magic For Young Girls

Black Girl Magic For Young Girls

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Black Girl Magic For Young Girls

Black Girl Magic is more than just a hashtag. It’s a powerful concept, a rallying cry, that encapsulates the beauty, resilience, and accomplishments of Black women around the world in spite of the challenges of racism and sexism that we face. Every Black girl is magic. Even the little Black girls are magic too. In fact, they’re magic FIRST and must be made aware of this fact as early as possible if they are to reach their full potential. Here are five key ways to make your little Black princess aware that she is magic:

Black girl Magic
  1. Black Girl Magic is knowing that you don’t need to compare yourself to others. Another little girl’s beauty is not the absence of your own. Don’t let little Black girls feel inferior to other little girls because they don’t have lighter skin or hair that falls down their backs. All little Black girls need to know that they are blessed instead, with hair reaching for the heavens and skin kissed with melanin. Every little Black girl should be taught from a young age what melanin is. Melanin is a privilege. Melanin is a blessing. Kids can be so mean at school! Teach little Black girls that their magic threatens others sometimes but it doesn’t mean they should dim their shine.
  1. Black Girl Magic is choosing the Black doll as the good doll, as the pretty doll, as the right doll. Everyone remembers the doll test done on little black kids every ten years or so. The result is always the same: little black kids choosing the white doll as better. They see the black doll as bad, ugly, wrong and deserving of punishment. Where do they learn this? Make sure that it’s not AT HOME. Black Girl Magic is choosing the Black doll even when everyone on the playground doesn’t want you to.
  1. Black Girl Magic is believing you can be anything that you want to be in life and that no doors are closed to you. Being surrounded by positive images of all different types of Black girls allows these beliefs to flourish. Show little Black girls their reflection in all roles. We are not just Princess Tiara in Disney films, but we are astronauts in space like Mae Jemison and doctors like McStuffins. Black Girl Magic is dreaming big and sharing with the world our special gifts!
  1. Black Girl Magic is creating and maintaining safe spaces for Black Girls to experience girlhood unrestricted. In today’s world, Black girls are seen as less innocent than non-Black girls.  Little Black girls are free to be young and deserve to be protected from the harsh realities of how society views them. Hand her back her innocence, give her her girlhood! We can unintentionally be guilty of forcing our girls to grow up too fast for example with early responsibilities and hypersexualization – that has to stop! Protecting and defending Black girlhood at all costs allows them to fully bloom.
  1. Black Girl Magic is the freedom to be yourself! Little Black girls don’t have to have plastic babies or pink dresses and dream of marrying Prince Charming. They can enjoy tech or athletics, gardening or sports. Let Black girls be fierce, let Black girls be shy, let Black girls be timid, let black girls be bold, let black girls be nerds, let black girls have sass – whatever! We are not one thing, we are many things. Give Black girls the luxury of being individuals that they deserve. Cultivating this mindset in them from a young age is Black Girl Magic uninterrupted right there…


Written by  Kehryse Vanessa Johnson
Feature Image: Soraya


Black girl Magic
Kehryse Vanessa Johnson
Kehryse Vanessa Johnson is the Beauty Editor of Glam Africa magazine and founder of Code Ébène; a sister circle for Euro Black women based in London, Paris and soon to be Berlin. In her work, she campaigns against misogynoir and advocates Pan Africanism and Reparations. Her short story ‘Renee in Wild Revolt‘ is newly published in an anthology of women of the African Diaspora titled ‘Songs of Yemaya‘ and she is currently working on a collection of essays and interviews outlining a bold strategy of survival for Black women and girls in the hostile environment that are the western world.

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  • David Fenelus

    Good read… Teaching black girls at a young age that they are beautiful and can accomplished whatever to put their mind too will build their confidence. And better prepared them for society as a teenager and adult life.

  • Janice Jones Hutchinson

    Awesome reality. Hopefully articles and comverstations like this will make a huge difference in the next baby doll test. I highly sugguest for all teachers who teach children of color use this as a reading assignment for both genders. Beautifully written about beautiful, magical black girls. Black girls do rock.

  • Sandra Karangwa

    Hey you all, I’m wondering if I could use the wonderful pic of Soraya. I’m from Cologone in Germany and organizing an empowerment-workshop for parents with black kids…? It would be a wonderful pic for our flyer 🙂