Beyoncé Lemonade Review – A Conversation With Black Women

Beyoncé Lemonade Review – A Conversation With Black Women

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Beyoncé Lemonade Review – Beyoncé takes a stance for black female empowerment.  Beyoncé’s new piece, Lemonade, will probably be considered one of the most introspective piece of art ever released by the singer. Once again Beyoncé released a visual piece for each one of the songs as she has done in the past. The album tackles different topics such as infidelity, anger, resentment, relationships, womanhood, accountability, forgiveness and redemption. Lemonade, although available for the whole world to hear, feels like a conversation between Beyoncé and black women.  I, of course, am here for it.

Everything from the playlist to the visuals has been well thought of. Beyoncé also shows that she is very much in touch with her blackness and the issues facing her community as she features many images of black women. In one of the scenes from Lemonade, we can hear Malcolm X saying:

The most disrespected, unprotected and neglected person in the world is the black women.

Beyoncé clearly takes a stance for black female empowerment and it is a beautiful thing to witness.

The most poignant part of Lemonade is when we see black women (such as Trayvon Martin’s mother) holding pictures of unarmed black men murdered, again Beyoncé takes a stance on issues affecting her community.

During most of the album, we are being made to believe that Beyoncé will announce her upcoming divorce to Jay-Z, but spoiler alert, we can hear a hopeful Beyoncé discussing forgiveness and we see her and Jay-z embracing each other. The album does a great job of reflecting the struggles of overcoming issues in a relationship and crossing to the other side, that other side being forgiveness in her case.

However, Lemonade is about much more than relationship issues, it is about social issues, race relations, black female empowerment and probably other things that I have yet to discover as I am still unpacking this album. This album is a wonderful mix of music, artistic visuals and spoken words. It is called Lemonade and as the cliché says, life handed her lemons so she made Lemonade and what a masterpiece this is (I’ll admit this Beyoncé Lemonade Review is coming from a Beyoncé fan, but it’s still true).  The visuals for Lemonade was released on HBO yesterday and is available for streaming on Tidal.

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Beyoncé Lemonade Review
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