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Stephen Curry
Nuwla Sports
Stephen Curry: 2nd NBA Title Cements Status As Best PG In NBA The Golden State Warriors are the 2017 NBA Champions.  Last night on June 12, 2017, at ...

Mind Your Business Becky Recently, a white woman, whose name is unknown so I’ll call her Becky, has been credited with posting a comment about her perspective of ...

Nuwla Politics
Bullies Undermine Development In Haiti Like a neglected child, Haiti is being bullied under the watch of well-intentioned Haitians in the diaspora. Most of us are selective in ...

Miley Cyrus
Nuwla Black Culture
Miley Cyrus Trades In Jordan Retro 23’s For Cowgirl Boots Urban Dictionary defines a culture vulture as someone who steals traits, language and/or fashion from another ethnic or ...

Nuwla Business
Teespring Apologizes For Sales Ad That Degraded Black Women A sales ad T-shirt campaign that degraded black women was being distributed on Twitter and Facebook on Sunday, May 7, ...

Juwan Plummer Feared For His Life Before He Shot 2 cops
Nuwla Social Issues
Juwan Plummer Feared For His Life Before Shooting Two cops Oak Park, Michigan native, Juwan Alexander Plummer, thought his family was in danger.  He was at home with ...

Kendrick Lamar Under scrutiny
Nuwla Social Issues
Kendrick Lamar Under Scrutiny For Black Women Beauty Content Hip-Hop artist Kendrick Lamar debuted his fourth LP, Damn.  As to the character of his work, Kendrick unleashed thought-provoking tracks, ...

rude restaurant owner
Nuwla Business
Rude Restaurant Owner Yells At Customer Tiffany Sharhon was hungry and decided to order delivery from a restaurant called Soul on the River located in Neptune, New Jersey. ...

Mental illness
Mental Health Care
Mental Illness – not in My house Mental illness is a taboo subject in the black community and it’s time to bring the suicide epidemic conversation to the ...

Rashida Strober
Nuwla Exclusive
Rashida Strober Sets The Record Straight On Colorism We recently published an article submitted by Rashida Strober and the feedback we got from our audience was that she ...