Alkaline Water Healthy Alternative – Flint Michigan

Alkaline Water Healthy Alternative – Flint Michigan

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Alkaline Water Healthy Alternative – Flint Michigan.  There have been many reports about the virtues of drinking alkaline water and with the current tragedy in Flint, MI it’s now a necessity for residents of the city.  Studies have proven that drinking alkaline water rather than acidic can be beneficial due to acidic water draining minerals from the body, especially the teeth, bones and connective tissue. It’s safe to say that Flint River water was more than just acidic.  And even though they reconnected back to the Detroit water system back in October, they still can’t drink that water.

1. The lead pipes in Flint built up a protective mineral coating or scale, that prevented lead from getting into the water.

2. During the 17 months it was used, acidic water from the Flint River corroded away the scale and exposed fresh metal.

3. Although the water is good now, it’s going to take quite awhile before the scale rebuilds.

4. And while that rebuilds, lead can still seep into the water.

If Flint River water was able to corrode pipes, think of what it did to the people drinking it!  Drinking alkaline water is necessary for Flint!

Well, some Black celebrities have started to wake up and decided to donate alkaline water to the residents of Flint, which made me proud and mad at the same time because although they are helping Black people, they could have really seized the moment and supported a Black owned business.

They could have invested in True Fit Alkaline Water, which is a Black owned and operated alkaline water bottling company backed by One Million Conscious Black Voters and Contributors (OMCBV&C). The opportunity to seize the moment is not too late for those of us that want to make sure that we support and take care of each other.

If you want to take care of the families in Flint while making sure we keep it in the family, then donate a case of alkaline water by going to True Fit Alkaline Water. They are offering a reduced price to help residents of Flint, Michigan! PH 8.6 Alkaline Water has more health benefits, which is exactly what the people need. Sister Shawn, the One of the Million and the residents of Flint will thank you and you will be making a TrueMovement in OUR community.

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Alkaline Water Healthy Alternative - Flint Michigan
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